Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is that what I think it is?

Yes that is yellow snow. Why would I post a picture of yellow snow? Well actually there are two interesting questions to be asked about this picture of yellow snow. First, what is the location of said snow? Second, when was this picture of yellow snow taken?

Interestingly enough I have answers to both of those burning questions.

It seems that Cyan is no longer the only dog who is so lazy they don’t even bother to walk off the deck to go to the bathroom when there is snow on the ground. Bevo has followed in her… well, lack of footsteps. I let him out the door this morning to watch him not bother to walk more than three feet away and squat right there on the deck. Well I suppose if there’s white stuff all over the grass than anything underneath said white stuff must be grass. Right?!?!? I just hope he doesn’t start to confuse the white carpet with snow.

The time stamp on that image is 6:08 am. Why in the world am I taking pictures of yellow snow at six in the morning? It seems that despite the best intentions of the district I work for I am clueless when it comes to being prepared. We have a call system that automatically calls each person on the phone tree when there are schedule changes due to weather (or anything else for that matter).

Me, being the genus that I am gave them my cell number. Actually that has nothing to do with me being a genius and more with me not knowing what my home phone number is. Yeah, I will admit it. I don’t know my home phone number. So of course with the weather we are having they activated the call system. They were even sweet enough to call the two-hour-delay last night so we could sleep in a little and didn’t have to play the waiting game waiting for a call. Stupid me however left their cell phone on vibrate down in the living room. So of course I got up early and started my daily routine before I noticed that I had a voice mail. Good morning Mr. Hamm! So instead of getting ready for work what was I doing?!?!? Taking pictures of the snow on our deck of course! In my bathrobe none the less :o)

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Melissa said...

So did you have to go to school today or didn't you? After all of that reading I still didn't figure I out... I got the delay part... You have I work wih me here on the blog updates... The only reason I am on now is because I am on my iPod at school haha