Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 7

Wednesday: Some one is feeling better... and looking super cute in her turtleneck and overalls!

Thursday: Mom's at conferences + Dad's doing the checkbook = Ella's destroying the living room!

Friday: Happy Valentine's Day! Dada bought Gracie a cookie that said "love bug". She loved eating it.

 Saturday: Valentine Breakfast! McHamptons and chocolate milk.

 Sunday: This girl insists on walking in from the car... even when the snow is almost higher than her shoes.

 Monday: I told her she couldn't have dessert after breakfast so she cried.

Tuesday: Sharing dessert with Dada. This girl loves her cookies! I think I know where she got that from.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 6

 Wednesday: Nap time on a snow day = Unit planning.

Thursday: Ella Grace is 22 months old! 

Stats: Size 24 month / 2t clothes, size 5-6 shoes, size 4 diapers.

Favorites: Dora the Explorer, noodles, coloring, playing in the snow, talking in sentences.


Friday: We hit the jammie jack pot! 3 two piece sets for $1 each and 6 zip-up sleepers for $3.50 each. 9 sets of jammies for $25... Yowza!

 Saturday: Baby it's cold inside! The furnace wasn't working when we woke up and it was 50 degrees in the house. Thank goodness Handy and his Dad were able to fix it!

Sunday: Date Night! We went to see Alton Brown at the Performing Arts Center. We had a good time and Gracie was asleep when we got home.

Monday: The Girly started coughing on Friday. It didn't really seem to bother her but it sounded icky. She's acting fine but has a runny nose. She has a little fever so baby advil and cough medicine it is!

Tuesday: We stopped at the store for some popsicles for the Girl. She hasn't been eating or drinking a lot so we thought maybe her throat was sore. She liked her icy treat.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 5

 Wednesday: Daddy Ow was walking down the side walk so Handy picked up the Girl so she could see. It's been so cold we haven't seen much of the neighborhood ows.

Thursday: Pancake and sausage muffins! I'm not the only one who likes breakfast for dinner. 

 Friday: This monkey snatched an apple from the bin at Green Farms. She ate it all the way to Nanny and PawPaw's house.

Saturday: We went to a shower for Baby French. Gracie did a great job sitting in her chair and playing with the toys we brought.

Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday! We asked Ella what was on and she said "Football... Hook em'!" She's a little Longhorn.

 Monday: muffin pan + "pom - pons" = fun times.

Tuesday: Balsamic glazed pork roast from the crock pot! I was really excited to eat it when I took the picture. It didn't taste as good as I thought.