Friday, January 30, 2009


I never thought that when I left work on Tuesday it would be Monday before I got to go back. What the heck have I been doing? Well I thought perhaps I should make a list...

- made worksheets for Spanish 2
- played rockband
- washed dishes
- fed the dog (5 times)
- did the laundry
- made the bed
- worked on a puzzle
- finished a book
- played with the dog
- watched Anthony
- shoveled the sidewalk
- met the neighbors to out left
- talked on the phone
- played wii sports
- cuddled with the pup
- watched basketball
- made grilled pb&j
- cleaned the bathroom
- watched the neighbors dig out their cars
- gave Bevo a pup treat
- watched Jon & Kate (4 times)
- started a new book
- cleaned off Cooper
- read blogs
- checked my email
- got Cooper unstuck from the street
- texted
- finished my online classwork for this week
- played Spongebob on wii
- watched the today show
- took pictures (about 4)
- did not leave the house

The ice can melt now!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

hehe I wonder who you were texting haha =p Oh that's right that would be Mimster because she could never get that lucky... The Snow Nazi would never call off more than one day at a time haha.... but that was quite the list you had there... sounds fun and boring at the same time =op