Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting ready

Red door is getting ready for Valentine's Day! I dug out some of our Valentine decorations and put them up around the house. I figured there are only 14 days to enjoy them so they could go out a little early!

This was supposed to go in the bathroom but it looked so nice in the kitchen I decided it should stay there!

This one actually made it to the back bathroom!

The dining room table needs a little work. I took down the Christmas decorations (which had been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving but I loved them so much I didn't want to put them away!) and now it looks a little plain. I got some new napkins to put on the placemats but I couldn't decided which color looked the best. I will have to ask Richie for his opinion, which will probably be "they all look fine".

I thought about maybe putting something in the red vase. I tried sparkly Christmas ornaments but they didn't look right. Maybe a white pillar candle will have to do. Any suggestions???


I tried the bubble basket but then you couldn't see the bottom of the vase which is really cool. Went to Kohl's and got some red and tan napkins (those helped a lot!) and put a white pillar in the red thing. I think tomorrow I will try to find some fake ivy or something to go at the bottom. Thanks for the help mama!


Susie said...

Take one of the bubble bottle trays from the wedding and put it in the middle of the table. Put the red candle on something to make it taller, the smaller ones on lower bases. Finally put some greenery / sparkly stuff on the tray. Then put a white pillar candle in the red vase.

April said...

:( i wanna spend next V-day at your house. it's fun. i like all the magnets and the cute towel in the bathroom! makes me feel all warm and squishy...and a little pukey because cutesy stuff goes against my nature. :)