Sunday, June 29, 2008


Perhaps it's a coincidence that we went to the 11:00 service...

Perhaps it's a coincidence Pastor Hampton talked about bringing God's will from Heaven to Earth...

Perhaps it's a coincidence that he talked about rivers and water giving life...

Perhaps it's a coincidence that it rained so hard as he closed the sermon we could hear it pounding the roof...

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the sun was shining as we left ten minutes later...

Coincidence... I don't think so.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rules of Moving

Rule #1. Label all boxes clearly.

Ooops. I forgot to tell Richie.

The phonetic approach...

Getting clearer... This makes me assume we will have a new "odds & ends" drawer filled with exactly what I don't know.

Success! We wouldn't want to misplace all 8 seasons of the Simpsons now would we!?!?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lilly Love

I noticed all of these blooms next to the driveway this morning. I was really surprised to see they all didn't break last night during the storm. I love it when they all bloom at once like this!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Zach's Tractor Ride

Zach + John Deere tractors = super excited kid who can't wait to play on all the farm toys.

Last Saturday we went along to take pictures of Zach at a friends farm. That kid was in heaven! He must have asked 20 times between the car and the barn if it was time for his tractor ride yet.

Once he actually saw the tractor there was no stopping him!

The "little" yard tractor

Inside the combine wheel. Richie tried to squeeze in there too but all he ended up with was dirty clothes.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Se habla español

It's not enough that we are trying to buy our first house. It appears that our lender feels I should cover all the bases by reading my home buyers guide in two languages.

Are you serious?!?!

It's strawberry picking time!! I can't wait to make some yummy jam!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Well you see what usually happens with education is we get stupid."

- Dr. Bowman

Gotta love the infinite wisdom I am paying $400 a credit hour for.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello Flower

This flower made me think about the "Hello / Good buy" Target ads on tv so of course I have been singing the Beatles song with the same name all morning.

I saw it sitting outside this morning after my shower and stopped what I was doing to go take pictures. I love the little water droplets on the bottom!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lunch Date

Lunchtime decisions a la Stephanie and Richie

Me: Richie, what do you want for lunch?
Richie: I don't know.
Me: Well it's your choice so you better think of someplace.
Richie: I know where I want to go.
Me: Where?
Richie: I will write it down.
(Scribbles on a post it note and then gives me the note)
Me: Wendy's is fine. Here you better wear this so we don't forget.
(If you are going to waste a post it note I am going to make you wear it for hours like a dork)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who loves the Fedex man?

That would be me!

Especially when he brings fun stuff from apple. Richie asked if I was going to keep it in the boxes until we moved. Ha! Yeah right! I couldn't wait to play with my new toys.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Say a prayer for Dan's wife and family... and April too.

From: April Beck
Sent: Thu 6/12/08 9:54 AM

My friend passed away early this morning. I think they're having the funeral early next week, but I'm not really sure on anything yet. I'm leaving to go up there sometime this weekend. I don't really know when. My plan is to take a few days off for the calling hours/funeral and then just work from my parents house the rest of next week (if okay'ed by my boss) until the Car Wash Fundraiser that I planned for my friend next Saturday.
If you are in Cincy and had mentioned donating baked goods to the fundraiser, I would need those this weekend if you still think you can help.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Malvern Motocross

Richie's plan for Saturday night entertainment included dirt and some guys he works with. I wasn't so sure that it would end up being fun, but we had a great time!

There wasn't a lot of time between motos so I had tons of chances to snap photos. I got some decient ones before it got too dark and everything went blurry.

Little Joe tearin' it up.

Mimi's motocross boyfriend.

Friday, June 6, 2008

What happened?

What happened Richie?!?!?

I walked into the kitchen and when I came back this is what I found. Of course instead of helping him up I said "Don't move! I have to get the camera!" I then proceeded to take pictures while I asked him what happened...

"I coughed until I tipped over."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tractor Time

One of the attractions at Family Fun Day was old fashioned tractors. We watched little kids climb all over them during the day. I wanted to get my picture taken on one but I felt stupid standing in line with a bunch of 5 year olds. Right before we left Richie noticed there wasn't any one waiting by the tractors. I was super excited until I had to try and get up in the seat. I'm sure there are many reasons farmers don't wear flip flops and trying to climb up into their tractors while wearing them is probably near the top of the list. Fortunately I was able to climb up the tire in my bare feet.

Richie took my picture and then said he wanted his picture taken. I should have known he was up to something when he actually asked me to take his picture because he NEVER asks for me to take his picture. So he climbs up like it's nothing (Note to self: Richie would be a good farmer because he doesn't wear flip flops and his super long legs make getting on a tractor effortless) and this is the pose he decides to give me...

I think this is the first ghetto lean I have ever seen by someone driving a John Deere. Now he just needs some spinners and a couple of subs so he can bump while plowing those fields.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Fun Day

I was asked to take some pictures for the family fun day at Pegasus Farm. Of course I agreed, not knowing that Richie and I would both have a cold when the day finally arrived but we headed up to Hartville anyway.

My assignment wasn't very exciting (take pictures of the sponsor signs so we can send them with the thank you notes) so I won't post any pictures of that but we did happen to run into almost the whole Davis side of the family while we were there and they are always willing to let me snap their photo.

Bryce, sporting the ever popular John Deere cammo. I swear this kid is always wearing John Deere something.

Emma (or Ila, I can't tell them apart) rockin the shades.

What day at the farm would be complete without pig races?!?! This picture was way harder to get than it looks. We had to sit through 3 races for me to get a good one, dang piggies run fast!)

Speed pitch. You would think I could throw harder than that after all the practice Richie and I had working the speed pitch booth last summer!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Scootin and a Super Cookie

If I could quit my job and become a professional scooter star I would! It's so fun to play like little kids. Especially when things have been stressful and you need a break.

What kid wouldn't love a babysitter that wants to play with them? Bryce, that's who. He didn't want to play with the scooter until I dug it out of the back of the garage.

This is my signature move the "180 release"

I was about to get schooled on jumping the cracks until....

this happened... Would the owner of a cell phone shaped bruise please stand up?!?

This is my official 2008/2009 publicity photo

Mmmmmm.... super cookie.