Saturday, October 26, 2013

PL 2013: Week 42

 Tuesday: Handy has the organizing bug. I'm not complaining because this is the cleanest our pantry has been in years.

Wednesday: It was supposed to be warm today so I wore a dress... pretty much froze all day but at least I looked cute while I was doing it!

 Thursday: Miss Pat came to visit so a bunch of people from work went out to the Yard. Gracie did really well waiting at the restaurant and I was even able to talk with some of my old friends. It was great to catch up.

 Friday: Nana's sweater is still a little big for the Girly. She thought she was a big shot in a LLBean sweater.

Saturday: Pumpkin pickin' with Cam. I couldn't believe they both sat on the bench and looked at the camera. Getting two almost 2 year olds to sit still is a miracle!

Sunday: We took Gracie's pumpkin to Nana's so Pappy could carve it. She picked an "ow" design. She wouldn't help clean it out but was super excited once it was carved. We put it on the porch and she says "ow!!!!" every time we come up the stairs.

Monday: We're famous! We went to get 18 month pictures done and saw our family photo in the photographers window.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

PL 2013: Week 41

 Tuesday: This is what happens when Gracie gets to hold the soap. I was getting the cup to rinse her hair and she decided to take a bite. From the amount of coughing she did I don't think it tasted good.

 Wednesday: So excited to use our new warmer! When I saw the Texas one in the Scentsy catalog I knew we had to get it for the living room. It looks awesome.

 Thursday: The Girly wasn't feeling too good so Grams came to watch her and she got to ride in the new car. She wanted to take it for a test drive. 18 months going on 18 years.

 Friday: No more Harness!!! Gracie's hips look awesome so she doesn't have to wear a harness anymore. It's been a year since she went into the Pavlik and now she doesn't even need to wear the Rhino Cruzer at night. Dada had to lower the crib mattress now that she can pick her legs up.

 Saturday: We went to the Baby shower for Baby Garrott. We picked up the cake from Litty's on our way up to Nanny's house. The Girl was happy to play with her cousins and jump on the trampoline.

 Sunday: Uncle Denzil has come kittens at his house so we took the Girly to see all the "ows". She was in kitty heaven.

Monday: Someone has been asking to sit on the potty. She doesn't use the potty but likes to flush it when she's done.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PL 2013: Week 40

 Tuesday: I took this before / after picture while Handy was pressure washing the deck. It looks so much better now that it's clean. We plan on staining / sealing it before the winter.

 Wednesday: The Indians played for the AL Wild Card on Wednesday so Gracie had to wear her Tribe onesie. Too bad they lost.

 Thursday: Butternut squash lasagna, salad and Italian bread. Super yummy supper! Thank you Pinterest!

 Friday: I needed a "teacher" photo to send to my college so I had this one taken of me at school. I love it how I'm pretending to work.

Saturday: Ella Grace is 18 months old!

Stats: 22 lbs, Size 12-18 month clothes, size 5 shoes, size 3 diaper. 12 teeth (two more on the way)

Favorites: food - grapes, noodles, chips... books - "Tubby", Elmo books... toys - tricycle, purse, knocky-block. Still loves Elmo and Abby. Loves to go outside and go for walks. Talks like crazy! Her personality is coming out more and more, knows what she wants and wants to get things herself.

Sunday: Nanny and Paw-paw came down for lunch on Sunday and brought Anthony with them. Gracie had a good time playing with him. He wore her out though. She went down for a nap right after they left.

 Monday: We went to visit Baby Garrott. He was so tiny and skinny! Gracie said "baby!" and gave him a kiss when we got there and then disappeared to play with Zachary. It was fun to get a baby fix and then leave him with someone else.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 39

Tuesday: This girl is not a morning person... actually she's not a 6:00 am person. But who is?!?!

Wednesday: Fall Sunset. Saw this out the window when I got out of the shower. I knew it wouldn't look the same after I got dressed so I went running for my camera in a towel... Handy didn't even ask what I was doing. He must be used to me by now.

Thursday: Handy found us a cleaning lady. She's cute and she's cheap (we pay her in cheese puffs).

Friday: Gigi came down to watch the Girly. They had fun playing and going to garage sales together.

Saturday: The Girl has grown out of her size 4 shoes so we went shopping for some size 5 ones. I love these because they are pink, she loves them because they have "Abby" on the inside.


Sunday: Handy decided to get his new power washer out. We bought it last year when they were on sale at the end of the season. He wants to wash the deck and I want him to do the house.

Monday: Someone decided their toys needed a "time out".  The Girly knows that she has to sit on the step for a time out when she plays in Bubby's food. I don't know what the poor toys did to get stuck on the step.