Saturday, September 28, 2013

PL 2013: Week 38

Tuesday: Mama's not the only girl that likes Project Life. Gracie likes to find the pictures of "baby" and "uff-uff" (translation: herself and Bevo).

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner! Denver quesadillas and pecan sticky rolls. Yum!

Thursday: The Girly's peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into the shape of a fall leaf... Pinterest made me do it.

Friday: On nights when Gracie wants to ride on her bicycle for our strut she gets to wear her helmet. She thinks she's a big shot on her trike.  We think she's pretty cute.

Saturday: A trip to the orchard = pumpkin photos! She had just been put into her harness the week before we went to the orchard last year. This year she's running around like a crazy woman.

Sunday: Time to get sauced! I was super excited to use the peeler/corer we got at a garage sale last spring. It made making applesauce so much easier. We did half a bushel in a little over an hour.

Monday: Ow was getting a little dirty so we decided he needed to take a bath. Of course the Girly has to have a kitty to cuddle so we got out our backup "ow". The orange one is named Tootsie after Miss Carol's orange ow.

PL 2013: Week 37

Tuesday: We made our weekly trip to the library. The Girly loves to play with the computers and pick out books. (Mostly she plays with the computer and we pick out the books.) She likes to press the buttons and use the mouse.

Wednesday: This is one of the baby "ows" that we see on our daily struts. Gracie gets so excited when she sees any of them. We see: orange ow,  daddy ow,  mommy ow and 2 baby ows.

 Thursday: Break the Grey came to school for an assembly. It was pretty good. Most of the older kids liked it. Some of the younger ones said he talked too much.

Friday: We went to the Minerva game so Gracie could see the cheer clinic girls. She did great and we were able to stay until the end of the 3rd quarter. The Lions won 28-21.

Saturday: Someone had an awesome time playing on the inflatables! The first time we took her through she fussed and said "no, no, no". As soon as we got to the bottom of the big slide at the end she said "again". By the end of the night she was even able to climb up the ladders. 

 Sunday: Everybody wore their orange and brown. We went to Nana's for lunch and to watch the game. Too bad the Browns lost.

Monday: I don't know who likes going for a strut more Bevo or the Girl. She climbed into her stroller herself and was mad when I told her we weren't going for a walk right then. She even says "stroller".

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PL 2013: Week 36

 Tuesday: After school play time! Current favorite toys: rubber bands (she thinks they are bracelets), purse, play sweeper, tricycle and books.

Wednesday: Popsicles on the porch after supper. Gracie calls them "pop-ik-cles"

 Thursday: Hollywood family on a strut! We have been trying to keep Bubby happy by going on a daily strut. The Girly has started to really like going in her stroller. She says "out-kide" and "strol-r" when she wants to go.

Friday: The Girl is 17 months old!

Stats: 21-ish lbs, size 18 month clothes (she still wears 12 month pants), size 4 shoes (not for much longer), size 3 diaper

Favorites: noodles, grapes, "cupcake" (anything sweet), playing outside, going for walks, Elmo and Abby, seeing the neighborhood "ows", picking her own snack, brushing her teeth, playing hide and seek (we hide and jump out when she comes in the room), putting her clothes in the hamper, says: outside, stroller, snack, cup, more, up, down, again, cupcake, hamper, Lari... pretty much anything we ask her to repeat.

 Saturday: We went to watch Zach play soccer. He got to be captain since his birthday was on Sunday.

 Sunday: It's GD Picnic time! These babies have grown so much over the last year. I still can't believe we got 4 kids 18 months and younger to sit still for a picture.

Monday: Chimichangas with avocado salsa. Olé! Handy made the chimichangas and I made the salsa. Even Gracie ate almost a whole chimichanga.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

PL 2013: Week 35

 Tuesday: Our neighbor decided to share some of the tomatoes from his garden with us. We ended up using them in some pasta but the Girly wanted them as soon as we got them.

 Wednesday: No nap = sleeping in your supper.

 Thursday: Gracie decided she wanted to switch headbands with me. I got the one with green pom poms and she took my under armour one.

 Friday: We tried some pig tails to keep the Girly's hair out of her eyes. She wasn't too cooperative when we put them in and pulled them out as soon as we got done. We will have to try again later.

Saturday: Fun at the Fair! Gracie liked the goats, chickens and bunnies. She didn't like the cows or pigs. 

 Sunday: Labor Day weekend = last visit to the lake!

 Monday: Shadow family photo (minus Bevo) at the playground.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PL 2013: Week 34

 Tuesday: This girl loves to color! We got her some chubby crayons and she is in heaven. She asks to "colr" almost every day.

 Wednesday: Bring on the students! I'm as ready as I will ever be. I still can't believe this is year nine. Where has the time gone? I feels like my 1st year wasn't that long ago.

 Thursday: Nana got a Coke reward for a free photo book and she let us use it for our vacation photos. I was super excited to see it in the mail! It turned out great and was was faster than scrapbooking the photos.

Friday: Handy surprised me by hanging up our photo wall frames. We had them sitting in the back room forever and when we tired to hang them up the first time we realized we were a few short. Of course when we went back to the store they didn't have any matching frames so we changed some things around and this is how it turned out. I can't wait to get all the photos in!

Saturday: Family reunion at Price Park. Nanny took the Girly to get a snow cone. She walked the whole way over and back to the pavilion. Her favorite part of the reunion was the cookie tray and playing on the swings. 

Sunday: We have been trying to be better about taking Bubby for a strut. He loves going but it's been so hot he looks like this when we get home. Lots of water and laying on the cool floor seems to do the trick.

Monday: Excuse me Dada, I think I'll sit right here.