Friday, July 26, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 29

Tuesday: Nap time = working on Project Life. I ordered photos after the 4th and have been trying to get my journaling caught up. It's actually pretty close to be up to date. Yay me!

 Wednesday: I'm pretty sure I didn't hand her that package of strawberries to play with. She usually just steals things out of the pantry when the door is open. This is the first time she got in the fridge without me noticing.

 Thursday: This is as close as we got to the splash pad while it was running. Gracie was fine with it while it was off but as soon as the water started spraying she started screaming. Maybe next summer?

Friday: Happy retirement Aunt Pat! The Girly picked her own dress to wear to the party. She loves this one because it has cupcakes on it.

 Saturday: Does your husband leave piles of peanuts around the house? Apparently mine does.

 Sunday: Happy National Ice Cream Day! We had homemade ice cream after lunch with Nanny and Paw-paw. It was pretty tasty.

Monday: We have been in our house 5 years and never moved around the furniture. I talked Handy in to helping me switch the couch and chair. I like it because we can hide the Girly's toys in the corner and they don't take over the whole floor. Bevo isn't too happy because he can't look out the front window and bark at other dogs when they walk past.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 28

Tuesday: Making brownies at Miss Carol's = getting to lick the spoon. So spoiled!

 Wednesday: We had a pretty strong storm come through right around dinner time. We spent some time in the basement and found this when we came back up. Handy fixed our window molding but the neighbors fence is still down.

Thursday: Since Sister likes the bathtub so much I thought we would try a little wading pool. She loved it and I loved getting to spend some time outside.

Friday: We took the Girl on her second trip to visit cousin April. She was happy to run around in the yard after the 4 hour car ride.

Saturday: Mr. and Mrs. French! 

 Sunday: Family photo by cousin April.

Monday: 1st scraped knee. Someone tried to walk a little to fast on the sidewalk. She didn't cry too much but wasn't happy when I tried to clean it off.

PL 2013 - Week 27

Tuesday: Lunch date at Dutch Valley = pie! The Girly saw a horse and buggy after we ate. She didn't want to go see it and kept calling the horse "goggy". Apparently all things that are big with 4 legs must be dogs.

Wednesday: 1st ride in Buck with the top down. The only way to get her in and out of the car seat is to take the top down. We got tired of putting it up and down all the time. #smallcarproblems

Thursday: Happy 4th of July!

Friday: Gracie is 15 months old! Stats: 20 lbs 13 oz. 31 inches tall. Size 3 diaper, size 12 month clothes, size 4 shoes.

Favorites: Food - animal crackers "cooookeee", Toys - ow, bear, naneem (Nemo), bubbles, Book - brown bear, goodnight moon, TV show - sesame street. 

Says: apple, cookie, ball, bubble, again ("gein"), up, down, mama, dada, bubba, cup, nap, no, Abby, Melmo, hi, bye, hello, cupcake and shoes ("shhh")

This girl is obsessed with "melmo" (Elmo). She brings you the remote and asks to watch him on tv. We got her a dvd that she wants to watch all day. She gets her elmo jammies out of the drawer all the time. 

Saturday: We took the Girl to see fireworks for the first time. She hid her face and said "no, no, no" the whole time.

Sunday: Homemade Chinese by the Handyman!

 Monday: This is what happens when Ow gets thrown in the bathtub before the water is drained. He got to spend some quality time on top of the air conditioning vent and in front of the fan.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 26

Tuesday: Family photo in Beaufort. We stopped after lunch at the Shrimp Shack to let a storm go by before heading back to the Island. I had never been to downtown before. It was pretty nice!

Wednesday: Handy has talked about the subs we got at Stu's for 5 years. We finally went back and yes, they were as good as he remembered. 

Thursday: When you go to the beach you have to have seafood! Family dinner at Crazy Crab. The boys at more crab than anything else. The Girly loved the hushpuppies!

 Friday: Our last trip to the beach. Gracie was so worn out that she didn't care where she was she was taking a nap! (She did this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Saturday: Time to head home! Handy did a great job of getting everything back into the car. I was afraid if we took one thing out it would all fall on the ground.

Sunday: I'm pretty sure these are the cutest tan lines ever.

Monday: Who do you think picked out this cereal at the store? The Girl is totally obsessed with Elmo ("Mel-mo"). She saw some coloring books one day and asked "whas-sat"? I told her it was Elmo and she never forgot. Now we watch him every day (sometimes more than once).

Friday, July 5, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 25

 Tuesday: Flat tire + Stroller in the trunk = An interesting co-pilot.

 Wednesday: These daisies are the only flower that I can manage to grow around my house. They look so happy in the front yard.

 Thursday: The month of June has been crazy busy! Hopefully July will slow down some and we will actually have some "lazy days of summer".

 Friday: Let the packing begin! I think I have all of the snacks and groceries we are taking together. The clothing is half way done. I get everything in the bags and Handy gets them in the car.

Saturday: We stopped at Chic-fil-a for some chicken and to let the Girly play in the playground. We were happy girls!

 Sunday: Gracie's 1st trip to the beach! She loved the sand and hated the waves. She only tried to eat the sand a couple times and looked so cute in her swimsuit.

Monday: Someone was happy to see their boyfriend again!

PL 2013 - Week 24

Tuesday: All this mess before 10 am! Hurricane Ella has been here.


Wednesday: Someone was trying to help Dada pick a snack. 

Thursday: The Girly loves her brother! She's pretty good with him but sometimes we have to remind her to be gentle. 

Friday: Girls Night Out! We left the kids with their Dads and went to see Jewel at the Performing Arts Center. I don't think I had ever seen a concert in such a small venue. It was the 4th time I've seen her over the years.

 Saturday: It's Wedding Season! The Girl and I went to our first bridal shower of the year. It was a movie theme and these would be the leading ladies. The wedding is in July and will be the first one we have gone to with the Girly.

Sunday: Happy Father's Day!


 Monday: This silly girl has started to try and squeeze her body into the smallest spaces around the house. She loves to get between the table and the wall or the table and the couch. Then she tries to get behind the table and play with the cords or pull the lamp off the table.