Sunday, November 17, 2013

PL 2013: Week 45

Tuesday: Ella Grace is 19 months old!

Stats: 22-ish lbs. Size 18 month clothes, size 5 shoes, size 3 diaper.

Favorites: raisins, Elmo, noodles, juice, black sparkle boots.  (list dictated to me by Gracie when I asked her what she likes)

 Wednesday: Handy made some Mexi-porkchops for dinner. We have been trying to find different ways to eat pork since we bought half a hog. I think these are my favorite so far.

Thursday: A little "helper" decided that while I was cleaning the bathroom it would be a good idea to unroll all the toilet paper. At least it wasn't a new roll. 

Friday: This pup makes it really hard to get up and go get dressed in the morning. He sits on the couch with me when I eat breakfast. I don't know if he is more interested in cuddling or my peanut butter toast.

Saturday: Congrats Kimmy! We went to a baby shower for Kimmy and Mike. Gracie loved the Italian wedding soup and cupcakes they had to eat.

Sunday: Time to watch football!

Monday: 1st snow of the season! It covered the trees and grass perfectly and left the roads clear. I love snow even more when it melts from the streets and sidewalks!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

PL 2013: Week 44

Tuesday: Deer 1 - Coopie 0. I hit a deer on the way to work this morning. Scared the heck out of me. I didn't even really see it before it hit it. Thank goodness the damage wasn't worse and everybody in the car was fine. The deer ran off too.

Wednesday: Happy Halloween from "Elmo" Grace! They moved our trick-or-treat up one day. We weren't going to go after all the candy we got Sunday but the weather was nice and the Girly loves riding in her stroller.


Thursday: Poor Bubby! The Girl loves to chase him around the house while pushing her toys. He runs and she laughs and chases him.

Friday: Handy had to work overtime and I did all of the errands that the two of us usually do on Friday. I was so busy I forgot to take a picture!

Saturday: We went to the Reading Festival at the mall. One of my students painted kitty whiskers on Gracie's face. I couldn't believe she actually sat still long enough!

Sunday: We went to Miss Carol's to make bows for baby Dani. The Girl had fun playing with Gab and Crispy and sitting in the recliner with Timmy and Rusty.

Monday: We have had this air popper for years and never even got it out of the box. My mini-me is obsessed with popcorn so we are now using it twice a week. I'm glad we have it because it's so much less greasy that microwave popcorn.

PL 2013: Week 43

Tuesday: The girls were matchy-matchy in brown pants and shoes. Handy said if I was going to start dressing us alike he was going to stop letting me buy her clothes. Ha!

Wednesday: The 5th and 6th graders put these in the teacher's mailboxes. I thought it was hilarious!

Thursday: Homemade Philly-steak and french fries. So good! Gracie was excited to eat the fries with "dippy". I think she ate more ketchup than fries. 

Friday: The Girly got a Halloween gift in an "ow" bag. I think she was more excited about the bag than what was inside. Once she found out there were snacks in there she changed her mind.

Saturday: Gracie's 1st manicure thanks to Dada. 

Sunday: Trick-or-treat with the Walker boys! I thought we would go around the block and be back home quick. She made it an hour and 45 minutes! She loved getting chocolate and ate some of it through the wrapper while we were walking around.

Monday: We went to see Gabby play Powder Puff football. The Girly would ring the cow bell and yell "Gabby!" whenever anyone cheered.

(we're still waiting on a picture from Miss Carol)