Thursday, June 13, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 23

Tuesday: We went to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Puff. Gracie got to eat cookies with sprinkles, practice her walking on the patio, play with stones and ride on the golf cart. She had a good time.

Wednesday: I got out my favorite summer lotion! I usually have one open aloe lotion and a spare in the cabinet. I love that stuff for summer time. It's not heavy and smells great. I've been using it every summer for almost 5 years now.

 Thursday: The Girly is 14 months old! 

Stats: 20.4 lbs (according to the bathroom scale) Size 12 month clothes. Size 4 shoes. Size 3 diaper. Started walking without the activity walker on May 31st!

Favorites: animal crackers, anything with a kitty on it (clothes, books, toys, plates), activity walker, sitting in the bowl cabinet, bubbles, turning on the lights with a remote, bath time.

Says: hello, ball, cup, ow (cat), woof-woof (dog), num-num (yummy), shhhh (shoes), yes, no, cookie, mel-mo (Elmo), Dada, more, fsssss (fish), buba (Bevo)

 Friday: The Girly's magazine came in the mail. She loves reading her new books when they come. I like the paper that comes with it to record milestones each month. We keep it on the fridge and write down stuff she does or says.

Saturday: We went to a shower for Baby McMannis. It was retro / rainbow themed since they don't know if the Baby is a he or a she. It turned out super cute!

 Sunday: Gracie went out on the boat with Miss Carol, Timmy, Gab, Rusty and Roxie. She looked super cute in her swimsuit and even left her ear plugs in the whole time.

 Monday: Busy weekend = worn our Girly.

PL 2013 - Week 22

Tuesday: The Girly's Baby be Blessed finally came in the mail! We ordered it in January as a gift for her 1st birthday. We thought 4 months would be enough time for them to make it but apparently they were really backed up from last Christmas. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Wednesday: Last day of school! Eight years done... 27 to go!

Thursday: Looks like it's time to retire the boob buddy. We had a good run but I haven't had to use this thing in a week. Hooray!

Friday: Homemade cinnamon sticky buns? Yes please! I made these to go along with the crock pot breakfast casserole we had for dinner. Not Friday's usual pizza but still super yummy.

Saturday: We took Gracie to her second baseball game. She was just starting to walk and we spent more time on the walkway behind our seats and in the kids land than watching the game. We did get to see 2 homeruns though.

Sunday: Someone was playing in cozy coupes at the ball park yesterday so Dada decided to put hers together. We didn't know if she could do it since the age is 2 and up. She likes to open the door and climb in and out. She pushes it from the back but can't make it go with her feet yet. We decided to call her car "beep beep".

Monday: We went to the library to sign up for summer reading. The Girl got her own bag, reading log and bingo card. She had fun looking at the fish and picking some books.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 21

 Tuesday: I think someone was eating cake with sprinkles on the sofa.

 Wednesday: Hanging out with GiGi. Gracie gets spoiled being at home with GiGi. They watch tv, eat snacks, take naps and read books all day.

Thursday: Ladies Night dinner at the Bistro. We had a party for Miss Pat since she is retiring and moving to New Hampshire. We can't wait to go visit her next summer.

 Friday: Working in the middle of a cornfield = tractors in the parking lot.

 Saturday: The Girl went to her first soccer game. She did really well crawling around on the blanket and eating snacks. She even clapped with everybody when they scored a goal. We cheered for the Orange team and they won 5-2.

 Sunday: Congratulations Class of 2013!

 Monday: Memorial Day was cool but we still managed go outside at Nanny's. The Girly had never played on the trampoline before. She thought it was pretty fun. We thought it was pretty fun seeing her hair stand on end.