Sunday, April 28, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 16

Tuesday: I love new socks! We always have new ones in the closet thanks to Grandma at Christmas.

Wednesday: Our schedule has been crazy and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon. I do like looking at my planner and seeing all the things I have gotten done.

 Thursday: Is there something on my face? I was planning on saving that cheerio for later.

 Friday: It's the weekend. Time to clean up all the piles and clutter we have neglected all week.

 Saturday: We went to a benefit dinner and raffle. We won an Arbonne basket with shampoo and a gift certificate.

 Sunday: They had an open house to come meet baby Harlee. I was nervous how the Girl would do with someone younger than her but she was great.

 Monday: It's hard to take pictures of anything else when the Girly looks so cute!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PL 2013: Week 15

 Tuesday: The Girly has started to eat an "after-school" snack. I usually give her some cheese and fruit. Today we ended up with cheese crackers and a newton. She didn't eat much applesauce because we don't let her feed it to herself.

 Wednesday: No afternoon nap = falling asleep during dinner.

 Thursday: 12 month well-baby check. This is the first well-check since 6 months where Gracie has actually been "well"! She got a good report from the doctor. Growing well, tubes look good. She also got 4 shots. 

Friday: Looks like its time to start closing the bathroom door. Someone decided the toilet paper was a toy while we put away the groceries,

 Saturday: I found a recipe on Pinterest for homemade edible finger paint. The girl loved it! She made 3 paintings (one for me to hang up at work, one for a gift and one for project life) and she screamed when we took each paper from her. She did really well at not eating the paint. I can't wait to put her on the deck and let her really get artistic,

  Sunday: Family photo by Miss Carol.  

Monday: It's awesome to be greeted by these two faces watching through the window.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

PL: 2013 - Week 14

 Tuesday: It's Project Life - palooza! I am trying to get the Girly's baby book done before her party so I have been spending every extra second putting pictures in or working on the journaling. The photos are mostly there but the words stop ay 8 months.

 Wednesday: The coffee maker has not been working for the last week. I don't function too well without it on weekdays so the Peanut and I have been making a stop at McDonalds on the way to the sitter.

 Thursday: The Girly had to get tubes in her ears this morning. She did great! I think the hardest part for her was not eating. The hardest part for us was getting up earlier than normal (which is already too early!) Hopefully we will be done with ear infections now.

Friday: Happy Birthday Girly!!!

Stats: 20 lbs. Size 3 diaper. Size 9 month and some 12 month clothes. Size 3 shoes.

Gracie girl you are getting so big! You eat pretty much everything we do and go anywhere you want. You are still crawling but will walk if you have something to hold on to. Your favorite toys are laundry, cell phones and remote controls. You still say da-da all the time along with uh-oh and mama. You also tell people that kitties say "ow". You have learned to go up the stairs and are getting really fast at that. 

Saturday: The Girl's birthday was a success. All the planning really paid off. Lots of people came. The food was great. The room looked awesome. The cake was a hit. She got lots of clothes and a few toys. All that is left to do is write the thank yous.

Sunday: Hooray for warm weather. We were able to take the pup for a strut. I don't know who likes walks more, the boy or the girl. She has finally grown into these shades we got the Christmas before she was born.

Monday: The warm weather stayed around so we decided to go see my students play softball and baseball. Both games were at the same place not to far away. Go Rockets!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Life: Week 13

 Tuesday: The Girly has loved these blocks since she got them for Christmas. She loves to dump them out and throw them around the living room. I'm surprised we haven't lost any yet.

Wednesday: Gracie loves to play with Padma. She has a shape app that sings songs.

 Thursday: Now that I know I don't have to feed the Girly much longer my supply has been crazy. I didn't think I would still be freezing milk in April. I will be kinda sad to use up all my freezer stash. It took so much work to get it!

Friday: Nap time on the sofa.

Saturday: We went to an egg hunt at Nanny and Paw Paw's church. Fun times with the cousins.

 Sunday: Gracie's 2nd Easter. Easter baskets were a hit this year. She was a little too small (like 3 days old) to enjoy them last year.

Monday: I started working on the favors for the Girly's 1st birthday day party. We have been buying things for a while but now that it's a week away we really have to get things ready!