Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project Life: Week 46 and 47

 Week 46

Sunday: We had a lunch to celebrate Great Grandma CJ's 70th birthday. The cake from Litty's was a hit. I got the corner piece that the Girly managed to spill red wine on and it was still yummy.

Monday: Meatball Sliders. Another recipe from Pinterest that was pretty good. These would be perfect to take to a party.

Tuesday: Time to break out the sweaters and corduroy. I am so excited to actually be able to wear my winter clothes this year and not be limited to cardigans and maternity shirts.

Wednesday: Of all the baby toys we have in this house the Girl decides to play with Bevo's ball. She makes a b-line for his toy box on a nightly basis. Good thing brother doesn't mind sharing.

Thursday: Handy surprised me with some awesome photo editing software. I had put Lightroom on my Christmas list but he found it for a good price and didn't want to make me wait. Too bad we found out our computer can't run it.

Friday: I had this Rockets t-shirt made for the Peanut. It claims to be a size 12 month but it barely fits our 6 month size wearing girl. I decided I better wear it on her quick and take a picture since it isn't going to fit for long.

Saturday: Time to clean Red Door! We have been so busy that the house work was pretty neglected. We decided to get busy and get everything done at once so we would have one less thing to do during the week.

Week 47

Sunday: Visiting Miss Carol = taking lots of great pictures. The lighting was awesome and the Girly was super happy to be out of her harness so we were able to get some really cute shots. Miss Carol has great props too.

Monday: A typical night. Toys everywhere and this kid right in the middle of it.

Tuesday: We got the turkey for Thanksgiving this year. I had to take it up early since it had  to be in the oven before we would be there. Nothing like having a turkey riding shot gun!

Wednesday: The Girly was happy to play in the kitchen while we made our Thanksgiving dishes. We had to leave by 11 so everything was mixed up the night before.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! love, Handy Manny, Mrs. G, Bevo and the Girly.

Friday: Black Friday was a success! We left after the Girly ate at 3:00 am. Most of the craziness was gone from the night before and we didn't have to deal with many crowds.

Saturday: After all the craziness of the last week we decided to take it easy. It was nice to have a lazy day at home.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 45

Sunday: We had our first Thanksgiving / Christmas family dinner of the season. The meal was good and I had a great time playing Scatergories after dinner while the Girly took a nap.

 Monday: The Girly is 7 months old! 

Stats: 16-ish lbs (according to the bathroom scale) size 6 and 6-9 clothes and size 2 diaper. She is eating solid foods and likes squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears and apples. She still wakes up once during the night. Dr. A says the harness is working. She can sit by herself and likes to play with her stacking rings, remotes and empty bottles. She says ba-ba and da-da.

Tuesday: Shutterfly had a great deal on prints so I got 101 done for free. I hadn't printed any for Project Life since August! Now I just have to get caught up on journaling.

Wednesday: Auntie Kimmie came to visit. She was up north cleaning out her parents house and stopped by for dinner. The Girly liked having someone to hold her all night.

Wednesday: 5 hours of conferences = entirely too much time spent sitting at this desk. I'm not a fan of 13 hour days. I only had one conference but did get a lot of work done.

 Friday: The good part about conferences was having the day off on Friday to spend with this kid. She was happy to get up and hang out at home. Too bad she didn't sleep in, 6:15 am wake up call!

Saturday: Handy made me breakfast for dinner. French toast with blackberry cream cheese and sausage. So yummy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Life: Week 44

Sunday: We had the Girly dedicated at church. We had been trying to get this done since July and this was the first dedication open. It was super short notice but we were afraid if we didn't take it she would be a year old before they did another one. She did fit right in at the ReignForrest with her leopard print pants.

Monday: The Girl got some mail. We decided to let her look at it, which of course means it goes right in her mouth.

Tuesday: "Super Storm Sandy" was supposed to make things dangerous on Tuesday morning so school called a 2 hour delay the night before. Too bad I had gone to bed before they called so I didn't know until I was already up and had started my morning routine. We ran on a delay schedule but for me it felt longer than a regular day!

Wednesday: I made the best cookies ever for the bake sale at school. Handy says that the key was putting the dough in the fridge for a while before baking it. I still can't believe I actually made those cookies!

Thursday: Happy Halloween from the Girly! It was too cold and rainy to go trick-or-treating so we got cozy in halloween jammies and went to bed.

Friday: Someone loves bath time! She has just started sitting up in the tub rather than lounging on the inclined seat. Now the splashing is even worse because she figured out how to slap the water with her arms and kick her feet. We started putting the baby tub inside the big tub to catch the water but we still almost need raincoats!

Saturday: We took the Girl to Papa Gyros for the first time. We hadn't been to a sit-down restaurant in a long time. She did really well. We went early (11:30-ish) and brought her food with us. She thought it was pretty neat when they lit the flaming cheese too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project Life: Week 43

Sunday: Handy is getting really good at making homemade granola bars. My favorites are the almond - cranberry ones.

Monday: This is what you do when you're a mom. I didn't get to pump before I left work because we were on a special schedule and I had to go straight to the chiropractor from school. Thank goodness my pump has a car charger!

Tuesday: We decided to save a little money and take the Girly's 6 month pictures ourselves. They turned out pretty cute. I'm glad it was warm enough to go outside. Natural light is always better than the flash.

Wednesday: Somebody learned how to play patty-cake. If the sing the song to her she will put her hands together, shake them and smile.

Thursday: Gram has been hanging out with the Girly all week since the sitter went on vacation. I don't know who had more fun.

Friday: Pumpkin carving time! Handy used a power tool to carve his pumpkin and the one we got for the Girly. I just used the little saw that came with the carving kit. We had a silly face, a G and baby hands and feet pumpkins to decorate our front steps.

Saturday: Time to clean out the girl's closet. This is all newborn, 0-3 an3d 3 month stuff. Her closet is still full!