Monday, December 30, 2013

PL 2013: Week 52

Tuesday: Christmas Eve at Nanny and PawPaw's house. Pretty girl in her Christmas dress and sparkly sweater!

Wednesday: Merry Christmas! love, Ella Grace.

Thursday: Yay! Mama got a new toaster! You know you're an adult when you get excited about a toaster.


Friday: Gracie got a camera for Christmas. She walks around holding it up and saying "cheeseburgers!" 

Saturday: Garrott Family Soup Saturday!


Sunday: More presents at Miss Carol's! She got lots of Elmo toys, cute clothes and a doll with a doctor kit.

Monday: I can't believe this thing is actually going to be done on time! I have 3 weeks of journaling to write and I'm ordering all of the pictures I need today. Time to stuff the 2014 album!

PL 2013: Week 51

Tuesday: This girl loves to cuddle her Bubby... at least when she isn't chasing him with her buzzy bee.

Wednesday: It took us a while to get these cookies frosted (a girl with a fever and a trip to the doctor kept us busy) but they are finally ready to eat.

Thursday: We have to get our wrapping done since we start giving presents on Saturday. Handy had a "helper" while he worked on these ones. 

Friday: Gracie colored a picture to take to Ann with the crayons she got her for Thanksgiving. She loves to color.

 Saturday: Sammy-pants! Little kids are making Christmas in Avon Lake a lot louder and a lot busier!


Sunday: Opening more presents at Nana's... She is wearing her "Me-house" shirt (which she has suddenly become obsessed with). 

Monday: I decided to keep all of our snow stuff in a basket all winter. It was too much of a pain to keep putting it away when I knew we would be getting it all back out again. Too bad we probably won't have a white Christmas.

PL 2013: Week 50

Tuesday: Another snow day = starting to wrap the mountain of gifts upstairs. I got everything we have here done. Now we just have to wait on the rest of the stuff to ship.

Wednesday: "Big Girl" likes eating at the table without her high chair tray. She thinks she's hot stuff.


Thursday: Time to get Christmas cards ready! I love getting cards in the mail. 

Friday: Handy's first egg nog of the season. He said it was pretty yummy.


Saturday: We haven't made Christmas cookies in 5 years. Handy decided Gracie needed some cutouts. They turned out really yummy. He used almond instead of vanilla and made them thick. So good!

Sunday: Miss Carol made this cupcake ornament for the Girly. It's so cute!


Monday: Gracie got a stocking full of candy from Casey. She was most excited about the play bracelet and necklace that were inside.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PL 2013: Week 49

 Tuesday: This Girl loves the iPad. She knows how to swipe it to find her Fisher-Price app.  She got it off the side table while we were in the kitchen and this is how we found her.

 Wednesday: Our Advent calendar activity was to make cookies and take them to someone outside our home. We made some Christmas chocolate chip and took some down to Chloe's house.

 Thursday: Gracie is 20 months old! 

Stats: 24-ish lbs. Size 18 month clothes, size 4 diaper, size 5 shoes.

Favorites: Giggle Gang app, Peg + Cat, duplo, Tubby book, having lots of rubber duckies in her bath, apple juice, cereal with milk, eating at the table like a "big girl".

 Friday: Forecast of an ice storm = another snow day and more time to cuddle on the couch with Bubby.

Saturday: Lunch at Mama's favorite place. We asked Ella if she wanted to eat at Chickey-poo and she said "yay, Chickey-poo-poo!" 

Sunday: One of the benefits of buying Christmas gifts using gift cards... fuel perks and cheap gas!

 Monday: Here Mama, let me grade theses tests for you... This is why I don't bring work home.

PL 2013: Week 48

Tuesday: First winter storm of the year = First snow day of the year. The snow didn't keep Handy from wanting to go get the Chinese we had on the dinner menu.


Wednesday: Someone is obsessed with "boogies". She thinks she needs tissues all the time. She found this box in the downstairs bathroom.

Thursday: Thanksgiving sled riding with Paw Paw. She lasted about 5 minutes and one trip down the hill.

Friday: Gracie loves to play with cousin Garrott. He tolerates her pretty well until she gets too close. Then he cries. Which makes her want to get closer...

Saturday: Sled riding with Mama and Dada. We made it longer than 5 minutes today. She let us pull her in the sled laying on her tummy and went down the hill twice with each of us... She may have been saying "no, no, no" the whole time.


Sunday: Sewing with Miss Carol! I want to learn to sew so we decided to make some easy infinity scarves. The first one was not super successful but these two turned out great.


Monday: I felt like a Scrooge with no Christmas decorations up after seeing everyone's decorations on Facebook. All of our decorations are going to be higher than toddler level this year. I figured there was no way she could reach the light in the dining room so we could hang ornaments there.

Monday, December 2, 2013

PL 2013: Week 47

 Tuesday: Aunt Amber decided to visit on her way home. The Girly was excited to have someone the play with.

 Wednesday: This girl loves to get a bath! She always wants to play with the "duck ducks" and get "soapy soapy". She's good about taking showers too.

 Thursday: Someone loves ice cream! Especially when it's chocolate.

 Friday: More snow! We are supposed to get a pretty bad storm early next week. Maybe we will have a "white Thanksgiving"?


Saturday: We have conferences on Tuesday night so I decided to make cake mix cookies while the Girly was taking her nap. She was pretty excited when she woke up to a table full of cookies.

 Sunday: We got a new advent calendar from Church today. Handy hung it up on the mantle. At least we have one Christmas decoration up.

Monday: Gracie wants to be a "helper" when we feed Bubby. She does pretty well carrying the cup across the kitchen but isn't so great a pouring the food in the bowl. Good thing Bevo doesn't mind eating food off the floor.

PL 2013: Week 46

 Tuesday: Handy decided to cuddle with the Girly in her bed instead of in our bed. She really didn't like sharing. I didn't know the crib was rated for 200 lbs!

 Wednesday: Static electricity is not this girls friend. He hair is already crazy on its own and it gets even worse with all the fleece she wears.

Thursday: Hello 12 year old. Gracie is obsessed with the Giggle Gang app on my phone. She wants to play it all the time. I have no idea where she learned to lay on the floor like this when she plays with my phone. I'm pretty sure she's only 2 not 12.

 Friday: We went to visit baby Dani. Ella had a great time playing with her Buddy and giving Dani "moochies".

 Saturday: We went to see Gabby and Christian before Semi-Formal. Gracie even went with Gabby to get her hair done. She had never been to a salon before. She must have asked "doing?" about a thousand times.

 Sunday: Benefit dinner for Troy Yoho. Dada bought some cookies for the girls from the bake sale. They were yummy.

Monday: We put a ticket in the raffle at the benefit yesterday and the called to tell us we won the crock-pot prize. We put one ticket in 3 different baskets so we were really surprised we won!