Saturday, June 21, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 24

Wednesday: Things Ella Grace says: moat-meal = oatmeal,  drippin = raining,  garden = yard,  bubble mixture = bubbles

 Thursday: Coloring Father's Day cards! It takes awhile when you have to color 5 of them.

Friday: Dinner at Park Street with Nanny and Paw-paw. We forgot Gracie's cup so she got to drink out of a big girl cup with a straw. She thought she was a big deal.

Satruday: Hanging out with Morris. I don't know who liked it more the Girl or the Meow.

Sunday: Happy Father's Day Handy / Happy Birthday Gigi! Church + birthday party = nice clothes and family pictures.

Monday: Handy got caught in the rain on the Bullet. Thank goodness for frog toggs.

Tuesday: I'm positive I have never done this much work on summer break.

Project Life 2014: Week 23

 Wednesday: Family cuddle time! Bubby hasn't been cuddling since it has been so warm but we turned the air conditioning on and he was happy to lay on the bed.

Thursday: Time to turn in box tops! I collected them all year... I was really surprised since we don't buy a lot of stuff that has them. Most of these came from Gracie's yogurt.

Friday: We went to an anniversary party for Sharon and Richard. We had yummy cake from Litty's and the Girl had fun playing on the "playground" outside.

Saturday: We have been buying a plain cheese take and bake pizza and adding our own toppings. Handy has gotten really good at making a yummy pizza.

Sunday: Playing "in" the toys at Nanny and Paw-paw's house.

Monday: The girls need their iPad time.

Tuesday: I have been loving this cup Miss Carol gave me for my iced coffee. The cup has gel in it that freezes and keeps my drink extra cold.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 22

Wednesday: Strawberry short cake! Gracie was asking to eat this as soon as she finished breakfast. I was mean and made her wait until after dinner.

Thursday: Only car in the lot... Not sure if that makes me crazy or dedicated. I'm leaning toward crazy.

Friday: Watching the big trucks pave the road = more entertainment than anything on television.

 Saturday: 34 weeks

 Sunday: Fun at the Lake! She still likes the sand better than the water.

Monday: Yay for books from the Library!

Tuesday: Teeny Tiny got a package in the mail from his Great Aunt and Uncle with this awesome blanket. It looks perfect in his room!