Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Life Week 21

Sunday: I had wanted to get an elliptical machine for more than a year. Handy found this one on Craigslist. I liked it because it's a little smaller than some of the others we saw and it wasn't very expensive. Hopefully it helps me get rid of the baby chub the Girly left me with. 

Monday: The Girly loves her play mat. Handy put it together for her and we got batteries for the sun that goes on the top. She lays there and watches the star change colors while it plays music. The only time she fusses is when the star stops. As soon as we start it again she quiets down.

 Tuesday: My mama came to visit so I had her take some pictures of me with the Girly. I don't have many pictures of just the two of us since I am always taking them!

Wednesday: We ate our first fresh green beans of the season. Handy cooked them on the grill with the chicken and they were super tasty.

Thursday: Miss Carol likes to spoil the girl! She called and asked us if there were any clothes we needed. We said we could use a few sleepers in a bigger size for when it gets cooler in the fall. Apparently few means a whole bag! We wont need to buy any pajamas for awhile.

Friday: The girl was napping while I switched out some of her baby clothes and put all of her sleepers into a tote in her closet. She looked so sweet I had to take her picture.

Saturday: We made our first trip to the lake on Memorial Day weekend. We had to wait until later in the day since it was so hot but we still had fun hanging out at the camper.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Life Week 20

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day!

Monday: This is one of the neatest looking baby gifts we have been given... and we sure have seen a lot of them lately. Onesies wrapped to look like cupcakes. Too cute!

Tuesday: Happy 92nd Birthday Ginny! We went out for a birthday lunch and some shopping after.

Wednesday: I decided to try something new for dinner and I actually made it myself! Bow-tie and Spinach Pasta.

Thursday: Gabby finally got to meet the Girly! Between cheer practice and track she was busy every time her mama came to visit. The Girl was so excited to see her she even smiled for their picture!

Friday: Bath time has been so much quieter since we got a baby tub. The Girl no longer screams her head off the whole time. Thanks Gram!

Saturday: We went out to school for Prom walk-in. It was fun to see all of the girls in their dresses. They all looked so nice and the boys looked good in their tuxedos too.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project Life - Week 19

Sunday - Bevo got a coupon from the pet store for a free toy since it was his birthday. Handy decided to get him a gigantic tennis ball. He likes it but I get nervous when he wants us to throw it in the house. That bad boy could do some serious damage!

Monday: The girl in one of her many elephant outfits. Every time I see something with an elephant on it I think she has to have it! She will probably grow up to hate elephants, the color gray and peanuts... ha!

Tuesday: This is how we roll... lounging on the couch.

Wednesday: I've started reading to the Girly while she eats. Originally I was using some of her baby books but I would end up reading 10 of them in half an hour so we decided she is going to be an advanced reader and started with chapter books. 

Thursday: It's garage sale time! We had oodles of stuff collected in our basement that needed to go. Not only do we now have a cleaner basement but we made a little money too.

Friday: Last fall we planted a bunch of plants from my mama. We had no idea what we were planting (she told us but they all looked the same) so we were pretty surprised when this really pretty iris bloomed this spring. I can't believe I didn't kill it!

Saturday: Grandma and Grandpa finally made it back from Arizona and came to see the Girly. She was more excited to see them than it looks like in this picture!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Life - Week 18


Sunday: We got a new Willow to add to our collection. The shelf in the living room is full so we decided to put this one in the Girly's room. 

 Monday: We went to Nanny's to celebrate her birthday and all of the kids (Handy included) decided to catch frogs in the pond. 

Tuesday: The Girly loves her swing. She has been spending a lot of time in there lately. Sometimes she looks at the turtle mobile and sometimes she sleeps. Either way she is quiet! Thank goodness Aunt Sharon told us to register for it.

Wednesday: Handy has been spending a lot of time at work so when he gets home it's his turn to hang out with the peanut. 

Thursday: I hadn't had Cheerios with bananas for a long time until last week. It's been a little to hot for oatmeal in the morning and I had eaten all of the muffins so I had some cereal. It was so tasty!

Friday: Birth announcements... take 2. We actually like how these ones turned out better so it ended up not being a terrible thing that we had to order a second set. These ones ended up being cheaper and we were able to get more than the first time. 
Saturday: The Girly is a month old! 

Stats: 8 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches long (25th percentile for weight, 75th percentile for length)... She still wears a newborn diaper and newborn clothes. Everybody loves her hair and she lets us put bows in it. She sleeps 4-5 hours at night and eats like a champ. She's a pretty happy baby except for when she is hungry then she lets everybody in a 2 mile radius know with her squawks.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Life - Week 17

Sunday - We took the Girly to her first Davis family function. She got to meet all her cousins, even the one that lives in Seattle.

Monday: This is what we do. The girl sleeps, the pup lays on the floor and I take pictures.

Tuesday: We made an overdue visit to dear old MUC... hadn't been there for a long time! I needed a new t-shirt and my mama wanted to get a graduation gift. Handy was happy that I only bought two things in the bookstore and didn't spend too much.

Wednesday: The Girly got a postcard from the President. Handy went to see what came in the mail and saw something from the White House... of course it wasn't for us but rather the girl. It was a little welcome letter from the Obamas.

Thursday: I started working on getting the Girly's announcements out. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we noticed that these announcements have a typo on them. At least it was found before we gave them to everyone... it would have been even better if it was found before we ordered 50 of them!

Friday: Apparently Handy doesn't think there is a difference between a salad bowl and a mixing bowl. He almost ate the whole thing too. Yikes!

Saturday: The Girly and I were invited to a bridal shower so I finally had an excuse to put the girl in a dress. She looked so precious I had to take her picture. Too bad she will grow out of this dress soon... good thing we have a lot more cute outfits.