Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 12

Sunday - Handy told me that he wouldn't put the car seat bases into the car until we got new cell phones. He got what he wanted on Saturday... I got what I wanted on Sunday.

Monday - This is how the pup looks after his strut. He comes home and throws himself on the kitchen or dining room floor where it's cool after drinking a gallon of water. We swear the struts are his idea and we aren't torturing him.

Tuesday - One of my student's parents made me this banana cream pie and left it on my desk. The kids had made one for a Social Studies project and I said it sounded good. I never thought they would make me my own pie!

Wednesday: Spring has sprung!

Thursday: The view from here... I never thought I would have to get my summer pajamas out in March!

Friday - Since it's getting warm no trip to the Cheese is complete without ice cream. Handy tried the lemon one this time. He said it was pretty tasty.

Saturday - We had to organize our bathroom closet in order to hold the 27 bottles of baby wash and baby lotion we have accumulated. There was a lot of stuff in there that needed thrown away and we even have an empty bin now!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Life - Week 11

Sunday - It was fun to come home from church and find a surprise gift for the girly by the back door. I'm pretty sure by this point we have every scent of lotion Johnson's makes.

Monday - Handy put my window stickers on my car. I got them for Christmas but wanted to wait until it warmed up some to stick them on.

Tuesday - I was super excited to wear my flops on our pup strut. They are so much more comfortable than shoes. After I wore them a while I realized that I really needed to paint my toenails. Which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Wednesday - I have been hungry for cheeseburgers for a few months. We had been getting them from Wendy's but since it has been so warm Handy got out the grill and we made some at home. They were so yummy... especially with zucchini relish.

Thursday - We aren't the only ones enjoying the nice weather. The pup loves all the time he is getting to spend outside and the fact that struts have become a daily event.

Friday - The pizza we picked up at the store must have been good... Those crumbs were all that was left. I had a cold and couldn't taste a thing but the man sure seemed to like it.

Saturday - Since we paid off my car last week we decided to go get our cell phones upgraded. They actually laughed at us when we showed them which phones we had. The trade in value was only $5... These ones are much nicer and more fun to play with.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Project Life - Week 10

Sunday - Living further south than most of our family we get used to riding in the car. I got to test out the back seat for about 3 hours on Sunday.

Monday - We haven't had much snow this year so I made the pooch wait outside while I got my camera and took his picture. He wasn't too impressed.

Tuesday - Handy stopped after work and picked up the book case for the girl's room. We put all of her books in there to make some more space in her closet. We are going to have to do some more organizing since the bins on the top are already full.

Wednesday - I finally finished the last thank you notes for the last shower we had. I'm pretty sure the grand total is a little more than 80 cards!

Thursday - We went for our last ultrasound before the Peanut gets here. Our next pictures of her will be in color.

Friday - Coopie is officially ours! We finally paid him off so now we don't have any car payments. Time to start saving for a truck for the Handy Man

Saturday - The girl already has so much stuff that we had to go buy plastic totes to store it all. It's amazing how much better things look when they are organized. She has enough clothes... that's for sure.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Life - Week 9

Sunday - Bevo headed straight for the sunshine after his bath. The only spot he could find was right inside the front door. Good thing we didn't want to go anywhere.

Monday - The crazy weather even has our plants confused. I don't have a green thumb but I'm pretty sure spring flowers should be blooming in February.

Tuesday - More stuff for the girly! Shower number 2 of 3 is done. We got lots of clothes and bath stuff. At least she will look good and smell good.

Wednesday - Handy had to work the night shift so this guy got to keep me company. Thank goodness I have him since I would have felt pretty stupid talking to myself all night.

Thursday - This is the only evidence that I have of a man living at our house. He leaves before I get up, comes home after I'm asleep and leaves a pile of dirty clothes. I don't think I like that very much.

Friday - Apparently lots of work makes the Handy Man really hungry. This poor pizza never stood a chance. I had two pieces and he took care of the rest. So much for left overs.

Saturday - Now everyone in our family has a Salty Dog shirt or bandana. I can't wait until the peanut is big enough to wear hers! We will have to take a family picture for sure.