Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project Life - Week 3

Sunday - We have started making soup for dinner every Sunday. This week we made White Chili. It was pretty yummy but a little spicy. Handy said he would make some changes to the recipe next time.

Monday - Bevo was excited to have a visitor! Of course the only reason any one comes down to our house is to see him, not hang out with his people.

Tuesday - We had to go to calling hours on Tuesday night. It was super windy and some trees were knocked down a few blocks away.

Wednesday - Handy has been using this cast-iron skillet for everything... steaks, cornbread, pork chops, gumbo, salmon, bacon... you name it, he's made it.

Thursday - Who is excited about the snow? This girl!!! It even snowed enough to get our first snow day of the year on Friday.

Friday - Movie night with the Mr.

Saturday - Lunch at my favorite restaurant! I tell Handy all the time he's lucky that I'm happy with a chicken sandwich and fries rather than wanting to go to fancy restaurants. We even had coupons!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life - Week 2

Sunday - B was happy for us to spend a lazy day home with him. He wasn't so happy when I was yelling at the television during the football games.

Monday - We got a couple more things finished in the Peanut's room. It turned out really nice even though we pieced things together rather than buying a bedding set... it was much cheaper too.

Tuesday - Handy calls these "meat muffins". I don't care what he calls them as long as I get to eat them! They were super yummy.

Wednesday - I'm not sure what is worse... taking semester exams or having to grade semester exams.

Thursday - This is where toys end up when the pup isn't gentle enough with them. Poor Gator is missing an eye and has a leg that is barely attached.

Friday - the picture I took didn't turn out well... I will have to find a filler picture.

Saturday - We went to watch Kendra play basketball. It was pretty fun but we had never heard so much squealing. Apparently the coaches tell the girls to yell when the other team takes a shot. Kendra had 3 points even though her team lost.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Jan. 1-7

Sunday - We always take a New Year's picture in Aunt Pat's kitchen. She has a little step stool in there that makes me taller than the Handy man!

Monday - Apparently Handy's helpfulness isn't limited to just our house. He was tired of hearing the sign over at the church clank when the wind blew. One bolt and washer later all was quiet.

Tuesday - Bevo is on a lot of medicine right now, which is good for him since his hunger strike means that he only eats the two peanut butter treats we give him at breakfast and dinner.

Wednesday - I need to pay more attention when I get dressed in the morning. Mismatched earrings are quite a fashion statement. At least I had on the same shoes.

Thursday - The rocking chair finally made it into the Peanut's room. The pink cushion actually doesn't look too bad up there and it kinda matches with the other stuff we have.

Friday - We went up to First Friday to see the ice sculptures. It's pretty amazing what they can do with chainsaws and blow torches. I liked the dog the best.

Saturday - The sausage at the Cheese is always sculpted to look like a piggy. It's a little too cute and makes me not want to eat it.