Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Life: Week 34

Sunday: Nana and Pappy came down to celebrate our birthdays. The Girly had fun being held all day. She and Nana matched in their yellow outfits.

Monday: Somebody loves their cereal! She loves sitting in her high chair like a big girl to eat and if you don't feed her fast enough she lets you know.

Tuesday: Chicken and Spinach flautas... These will be on the menu again for sure. Thank you Pinterest!

Wednesday: Somebody wants to eat the Man's popcorn. 

Thursday: Apparently one recycling bin wasn't enough so we had to add an extra box. We have so much less trash now that we sort most of the paper and plastic products out.

Friday: I survived my first week back to school! 

Saturday: Handy won the local radio station's birthday giveaway. Free pizza and cake!

Project Life: Week 33

Sunday: We took the Girly to her first family reunion. Grandpa was the oldest person there and she was the youngest.


Monday: Happy Birthday to the Lady! I'm officially "29 and holding"... ha!


Tuesday: I decided to start preparing to go back to work next week. My 4 1/2 month summer vacation was really nice.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday Handyman! Rather than spend money on a cake he wouldn't eat the Girly and I bought him half a dozen birthday donuts.

Thursday: Hanging out with Mimi is fun but makes this baby sleepy... the Girly crashed after she left. It's tough being that cute all the time!

Friday: I found a recipe on Pinterest for iced coffee. Much less expensive than buying them all the time and they are just as yummy.

Saturday: Part of my birthday present from the Handyman was a trip to B-Spot for lunch and some necklace shopping. Lunch was so good I want to go back soon... hopefully I won't have to wait until my birthday next year to go!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Life: Week 32

Sunday: The Girly is 4 months old! 13 lbs, 24 in. long. She is (still) wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes with a size 1 diaper. She is sleeping from 8:30 p.m to 4:00 am and then goes back to sleep until 7:00-8:00. During the day she eats every 3.5 - 4 hours. We took her on vacation, to the zoo and to get her ears pierced. She has started playing with her toys and likes her exersaucer and jenny jump-up. She loves to go shopping!

Monday: Why yes, a baby does live here... How could you tell?


Tuesday: We went to the Girly's 4-month well child check up. She had to get some shots in her chubby little thighs. She wasn't too happy about it.

Wednesday: The Girly found her first boyfriend. Too bad he lives 12 hours away. She spent the whole day with Jeremiah. She cried the whole way to Target because she wanted him to hold her rather than sit in her car seat. The minute we got there and he picked her up she was fine.

Thursday: I think I am shedding worse than the dog! I knew that my hair would fall out after my hormones adjusted but I never thought it would be this bad. There is hair everywhere and I've been running the sweeper like crazy.


Friday: I started making treats for Community Impact Day on Sunday. We had to find something we could do with a 4 month old... no stadium cleaning for us this year... so we decided to deliver cookies. We were responsible for bringing 6 dozen cookies!

Saturday: The doctor said we could start giving the Girly cereal. She was more interested in the bib than eating what was on the spoon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Life: Week 31

Sunday: Apparently holding the baby while she sleeps is rough work. Both Gram and the Girly ended up taking a little nap.

Monday: We took the Peanut to the zoo. She loved watching the fish swim around in the aquarium.

Tuesday: Someone has started rockin' tummy time. She used to just leave her head on the floor and lay there... some times she would even try to sleep. Not anymore!

Wednesday: Handy got a subscription to Food Network magazine last month. His first issue showed up not too long ago. This is the first thing he made out of it. Blackened Talapia with Black-eyed pea Salad. Yum!

Thursday: We now have two bins full of toys in our living room. One for Bevo and one for the Girly. Let's hope they remember which bin is theirs.

Friday: Our new bedroom furniture finally came. We ordered it in May and they delivered it today. It looks so strange to have an actual bed instead of a bed frame pushed up against the wall. It's a lot higher than the one we had before too. Now all we need to do is get our new mattress.

Saturday: Last week when it was storming we found out there was a leak in the roof of the back room. Handy had been working so much that this was the soonest he could work on it. Paw Paw came to help and they replaced the whole thing. It looks great.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 30

Sunday: The Girly looked so cute in her blue romper after church I had to take her picture... 30 times before I got one that I really liked. It's a good thing she doesn't mind (yet)!


Monday: The Lady made dinner and Handy was a member of the clean plate club. Mexi-lasagna is one of the few things that I make really well. I actually cooked twice this week. I think that is the first time I have done that since we were married.


Tuesday: The sunflowers we planted last summer re-seeded themselves and bloomed again this year. Last year we started them from seeds and fussed with them constantly. This year it was a happy surprise to see them in the garden.


Wednesday: The Girly and I went to visit Miss Carol. Of course she had to send food home for Handy since he had to work. Apparently she thought he was starving to death! We ended up with 2 meals out of all she sent.

Thursday: We took the Girly to get her 3 month picture taken. They were so cute, but it's easy to take good pictures when your subject is so precious! She did a great job smiling but kept trying to put her fingers in her mouth. 

Friday: The pup was looking sweet so I had to take his picture. I think he is secretly thankful I take more pictures of the girl and spend less time chasing him with the camera.

Saturday: Grocery shopping was too boring for this little girl. She fell asleep while we were out and we let her nap in the car seat when we got home.