Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 21

 Wednesday: Last day of school! I was proud of my carnations from the last teacher's meeting.

 Thursday: First day of summer break = lots of cuddles from my mini-me.

Friday: Gracie wanted to help me make some banana bread muffins. She likes to stir and eat the chocolate chips before we mix them in.

Saturday: I remembered to get out the play doh that was in Ella's Easter basket. She kept saying "smoosh, smoosh, smoosh".

Sunday: These two matched so well at Church I had to take a picture when we got home.

Monday: Memorial with Grandma and Grandpa. The two oldest great-grandaughters had fun playing together.

Tuesday: Hooray for 49 cent ice cream cones! I think we will be making a lot of after dinner trips to McDonald's.

Project Life 2014: Week 20

 Wednesday: iPad time and hanging out with Baby Brother. Gracie tells everyone that her Baby Brother is in my bellybutton.

 Thursday: This girl and her "moat-meal". She hasn't touched oatmeal since she stopped eating the Gerber cereal when she was a year old. Suddenly she likes it again. 

Friday: Handy got Teeny's name up on his wall. Looks pretty good. The stripes made it easy to hang the letters straight.

Saturday: Mother / Daughter Banquet with Gigi. 

Sunday: Congratulations Conotton Valley Class of 2014!

 Monday: Most common question in our house: "You wanna build blocks with me?"

 Tuesday: I have been reading more and more on my Kindle thanks to the library having eBooks. Now I don't even have to go to the library I can just download books from Amazon. (Yikes look at that 4 year old Kindle... time for an upgrade???)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 19

 Wednesday: I love that the lilac bush is blooming. It makes our living room smell so good when the breeze blows in the open windows.

Thursday: This big girl needed a drink from the fountain after playing at the park.

Friday: Handy picked up my Mother's Day gift early. Caroline's Cupcakes and flowers. Yay!

Saturday: Birthday dinner with Poppy!

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day.

Monday: Handy painted the stripes on Teeny Tiny's wall. They look great. We love it... hopefully he will too!

Tuesday: We have been playing outside as much as possible. The Girly loves it and I'm glad she is getting out some of her 2 year old energy.

Project Life 2014: Week 18

Wednesday: Gracie finally is big enough to wear the Salty Dog dress she got at her baby shower! 

Thursday: Poor Handy! All of the girls in his house are sick. Two trips to the doctors and 3 scripts later hopefully we will feel better. (I ended up at First Care on Saturday and got 2 more medicines). 

 Friday: I was super excited to get my final evaluation for the year.

 Saturday: I took pictures of Allie for Prom. It was actually lots of fun to use my "big camera" again. 

Sunday: 30 weeks! 

Monday: Happy Birthday Bubby! We got him some new tennis balls to play with and he was super happy.

Tuesday: It's teacher appreciation week. Today we got little plants. Hopefully mine will stay alive longer than a week!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 17

Wednesday: I have given up cleaning up the crayons. It seems like every time I put them away Gracie wants to color. The little bucket looks better on the table than the plastic bag we used to keep them in.

Thursday: Looks like we dyed a little bit more than just the egg shells. Rainbow colored egg salad!

Friday: We usually don't eat steak but the nice weather had us wanting to grill. Handy made steak with mushrooms, onions and peppers, scalloped potatoes and broccoli. 

Saturday: Every time the Girly saw my painted toenails she asked to have hers done. She actually sat pretty still for me to paint them.

 Sunday: Adios yellow, hello gray! Handy started painting Teeny Tiny's room. I loved the yellow but the gray makes it look so much bigger. He's going to wait a week before painting the stripes.

 Monday: I guess Gracie was making sure I didn't get bored at work. I found her Na-nee in my purse.

 Tuesday: Doctor appointment to check on Baby Brother. There was much less screaming on her party than the last time we were there. She was brave and got a sticker.

Project Life 2014: Week 16

Wednesday: A babysitting emergency = the Girly spending some time with me at work. She looked pretty comfortable in my chair. Now when we drive by in the morning she says "Mommy's school!"

 Thursday: Someone got a big girl bed! She has been doing an awesome job sleeping in it... usually after playing with her toys for half an hour.

Friday: No school = hanging out with Mimi! She helped me get all of the Girly's spring / summer clothes in her new dresser. 


Saturday: Coloring eggs at Nanny and PawPaw's house. Gracie did a few and then Dada took over. She isn't quite gentle enough yet to not throw them in the dye.

Sunday: Happy Easter from our family of 3.5

Monday: Most people would have shrimp with a side of green beans and sweet potatoes. Our girl would rather have green beans with a side of shrimp and sweet potatoes. 

Tuesday: I was worried about these flowers since it snowed the day they bloomed. I'm so glad to see the cold didn't kill them.