Monday, October 29, 2007


We went to a Halloween party Saturday night with Richie's family. It was cold and raining on and off but I think everyone still had a good time. I tried to take quite a few photos but with the rain I didn't want my camera to get too wet. The lighting in the garage also left something to be desired.

Hooray for candy! Anthony won these for "pinning the nose on the pumpkin".

Bryce was the sweetest fireman ever. He should have been a farmer as much as he loves tractors.

Don't we look tough?!?! Thanks to Mom and Chris for the "real" motorcycle costumes.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Puppy Photo

Gram wanted to get her picture with Cyan. She was pretty cooperative but I had to keep naming her favorite puppy treats to get her to look at me. I think she may have been upset when we were finished that we didn't have any treats to give her.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Pickin'

Last Saturday we took Tara's boys to a pumpkin patch up in Hartville. We picked pumpkins, went on a hayride, wandered for a hour though a corn maze, played in a "corn box" which made my eyes water and went to a petting zoo. We had a great time. I think the boys got a little tired since Zach layed down in the middle of the corn maze and announced that he was tired. We tried to get him to get up by telling him the tractor was coming but his answer was "Just run me over". I think it may be a fun tradition to start with Richie's nieces and nephews, and later with our own kids.

Here are some pics from our trip:

Sweet Zach, posing for me while we waited to pay for the pumpkins.

Arrrrg! I found some pretty cute pirates at the entrance to the pirate ship corn maze

There were
supposed to be maps like these in the corn maze but this was the only one we could find. We ended up following Richie as he cut through all the rows.

I made Gram take our picture after the afternoon of carving. Cyan wanted to get in on the fun. Actually I think it is because she wanted us off her bench

This is Richie's Buckeye pumpkin. When he explained to me how he was going to carve it I thought he was nuts. He really just scraped the picture into the pumpkin. The only part he cut out is the leg at the bottom.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh oh...

My current obsession...

I have taken this thing everywhere since I got it Friday. It's really my kids' fault. I saw them working with their cubes and I wanted to learn how to do it too!! I can get the top face and two layers done but I'm stuck when it comes to the bottom. Now it's my kids' turn to teach me a thing or two. Ha!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saturday Night Sitters

Richie and I decided to (more like had nothing else to do so we tagged along) watch his nephews last Saturday while their parents went to a party. His sister and mom were there with us. Three boys under the age of seven makes for an interesting evening. Of course I took my camera along. I wanted to get some pictures in the leaves but those didn't turn out. Too much running and jumping and not enough light. But we still had a good time playing inside.

This was the look I got when I first got my camera out.

Then he realized that he could see himself on the back after I took a picture. We must have spent ten minutes with him posing and then running over to see the image on the back.

Of course his big brother had to get in on the act!

At least they ended up being willing subjects.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The "other" man

Could this kid get any sweeter???

I really don't think so.

Last night Richie and I were watching tv and Anthony was playing in the living room. He came in and got right up next to me and said that he wanted to tell me a secret. He got real close to my ear and then gave me the sweetest kiss on my cheek and whispered "I love you Stephanie".

I told Richie he is lucky that Anthony is only 4 or he would have some competition!

What a ladies man.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Busy, busy

What a weekend! I feel like I need to go back to work so things can slow down. The whole month of October looks like it will be like this though! At least there will be no excuse to be bored! Friday we visited (actually I visited, he hauled top soil) with Richie's grandma before she left for vacation. We then tried to have a quiet night at home but instead ended up amusing Anthony most of the evening. I went to my masters class Saturday morning. Only one more to go! Then I get my Saturday mornings back to sleep in! Hooray!

Saturday afternoon we went to a "Tool Party" at the gun club. Let me explain the "tool party" idea. It's pretty much a bridal shower for the groom. In Richie's family when the boys get married all of their aunts have a party and everyone buys them tools for their new house. Hence the name... This was only the second time I was at the gun club. Not my favorite place to spend time but I did get some decent pictures

Micah, the one in the brown, is getting married in November

Then on Sunday we went to Baby Anna's 1st Birthday party. She's such a good baby, really calm and just kind of takes everything in.

She sure does look sweet in sunglasses! She got tons of clothes as gifts. I think she may be the most stylish baby in town.

Pat and Frankie got her this precious horse. They got her a little rocking chair too but she was much more interested in this.

Next weekend we can look forward to Anthony's Birthday and perhaps a trip to Maize Valley Farms

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Too blessed to be stressed

Lately school and work have been taking up all of my time. In the spare minutes I do have we have been going to weddings, birthday parties, to visit family, grocery shopping and every thing else under the sun. I guess that all of these things are starting to catch up with me.

Stress levels have been very high and Richie's getting plenty of practice dealing with tears. So today I decided to reflect and think about all the things that make me happy. Here's a short list:

This means the world to me. I am so happy to be planning my future with a wonderful person. I love how he chose a past, present and future ring for me. It's exactly what I wanted and waited for.

I am so glad that it is almost candle season again. I love to walk into a room and smell candles, especially Yankee ones. I can never choose which one I want when I go get a new one. My current favorites are Lemon and White Chocolate Mint

I love the fact that Anthony loves me and that he tells me so on a regular basis. I'm really going to miss this kid when I can't see him everyday.

Who could be stressed with this precious pooch around? I love Cyan and how she comes running when I walk in the door. She's so sweet when she wants attention and lets me rub her tummy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The best compliment ever...

... came from the lady at Walmart. Let me explain.

Yesterday I sent some of my photos from the last month or so in to get developed. I stopped in after work to pick up my prints. I told the lady behind the counter my name and she said "Ohhh, so those are your photos." I was scared for a minute, thinking that there was something wrong with my order and that the prints weren't ready. But then she said something about having really good photos from a concert.

I was so happy, my grin must have been huge. This woman, that develops pictures for a living, and I'm sure sees hundreds of images each day, remembered my photos well enough to know what they were when I gave her my name. I was on cloud 9!

Here are the ones that have earned me critical acclaim at the local Walmart Photo Center. I took them at a concert we went to at Blossom on September 14. I have a little bit of a crush on Brad Paisley now, he is so precious!

Monday, October 1, 2007

First Post

I have always wondered if I would keep up with something like this. I guess the only way to find out is to try it. I love looking at everyone else's photos so I thought I would post some of my own.

We went to a wedding last weekend. It seems like that has become a hobby of ours since we have been invited to so many. Only one more this year!

I would like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. McMannis.

The lighting in the church was terrible. The reflections from the light passing through the stained glass made for interesting colors! I forgot to pack my extra batteries for my flash so we had to get some new ones between the ceremony and the reception.

I loved how they brought in the colors with the flowers. The fall shades looked awesome with all the white and black.

I thought these were really cute. They named each table after a place that was special for the two of them. It was really fun to walk around and read all of the little cards.

Take care,