Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 16

Sunday: Aunt Pam came to see the Girly after church. We still haven't taken the Girly to our church yet. Maybe next week. 

 Monday: Not only did Aunt Pam come and visit she also brought us some chicken parmesan. Oh my goodness was it good. I think we will need to put it on our menu more often.

Tuesday: We are still spending lots of time throwing Davis across the living room so the pup can fetch him. It's a good thing that the girl is used to sleeping through puppy play time.

Wednesday: I took advantage of having a visitor that knows how to use my camera and had Hope take a family picture of us. I didn't even plan that we would match!

Thursday: The lilac in the front garden is getting ready to bloom. It makes the living room smell so good when we open the window. Now if we could just get those really warm temperatures to come back!

Friday: I don't know how this could possibly be comfortable but she ends up like this every time we put her in the car seat. I thought that yellow thing was supposed to support her head ???

Saturday: I finally got the Big John sub I had been craving for the last 5 months. Hooray for being able to eat lunch meat again.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life - Week 15

Sunday -
Happy Easter!

love, the Girly

Monday - More visitors! Mallory was super excited to hold the baby. She even volunteered to babysit. We may have to take her up on that offer in a couple of years.

Tuesday - Because of her jaundice the Girly had to use a light blanket for a few days. We said she looked like a glow worm. It was a pain in the neck to haul the unit around but her levels went down and we were able to take her off of it.

Wednesday - One week old. We plan on taking her picture with this sock monkey every month for a year. I'm pretty sure by the time we are done she will be bigger than the monkey.

Thursday - This has become a common sight in our kitchen... and I thought I had a lot of dishes to do before!

Friday - Bevo is very interested in his sister. He sniffs her whenever he gets a chance but has been very calm and gentle with her.

Saturday - Our first wedding invitation of the summer... This will be wedding number 8 for the Handy man and I in the last 5 years.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Life - Week 14

Sunday - The bad thing about Sunday supper is all of the dishes. I'm pretty sure dishes are my least favorite chore. We have a dishwasher but there are a ton of "good" things we don't put in there

Monday - I had to find something to do with my time since the girl wasn't interested in coming out and I was done working. These brown sugar cookies were good but we didn't make the frosting which probably would have made them more tasty.

Tuesday - These feet belong to the chicken-y pup who is scared of the mixer but chases the Man around while he mows the lawn. How can you be scared of a kitchen appliance but not of a lawnmower???

Wednesday - We checked into the hospital at 4... this is what they brought me for dinner. I took one look at it and told Handy he better be making a trip to Subway. He tasted the meatloaf and then asked if he should get my usual sub.

Thursday - Ella Grace is finally here!
7 lbs. 10 oz.
19 inches long
11:55 am.

Friday - Let the visiting begin! We had 25 visitors in 2 days. Apparently the girly is pretty popular.

Saturday - Time to do laundry! We hadn't washed many clothes since we didn't know how big the girl was and if she would wear newborn size. Most of her things are 0-3 months so they should last awhile.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project Life - Week 13

Sunday - I love supper on Sunday night... It's usually the best meal of the week since we are home to cook in the afternoon. This week we had chicken, brussel sprouts (we hope the girl is an adventurous eater), salad and sweet rolls.

Monday - 1 week to go.

Tuesday - Handy and I have been having fun looking at all the apps for our new phones. Our favorites right now are Bubble blast and Fruit ninja... He beats me at all of them.

Wednesday - Spring must be here to stay because the pup is shedding like crazy. I wouldn't recommend wearing black if you come to visit us... unless you want to show off all the dog hair on your clothes.

Thursday - My 3rd year kids made me a card since they knew I wasn't going to be at school much longer. They all want to see the girl when she gets here.

Friday - Happy Friday! love, Bevo...

(If he wasn't so cute I would be more irritated about all the fur on the floor.)

Saturday - We are trying our 4th type of pooch food since January. We know the dog is allergic to something the only problem is we don't know what that something is. This food doesn't have any corn in it, which the vet thinks may be the cause. He's only had a couple of bowls but so far he seems to like it. Hopefully it keeps him from being so itchy.