Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 8

Sunday - I spent the majority of the afternoon writing thank you notes. I wanted to get them mailed out as quick as I could but the post office was closed on Monday. After I realized that I left some to finish the next day.

Monday - I am going to use the label from the new dog food we got for the Punky that he actually eats! Now we just have to hope his spots don't come back.

Tuesday - It's girl scout cookie time! I picked the thin mints and Handy wanted the do-si-dos. I knew better than to order more than one box of each... those things can get addicting.

Wednesday - Handy had to work late on Wednesday night. The pup spent most of the time watching out the window for him.

Thursday - Bevo wasn't the only one happy to have the Man home on Thursday.

Friday - We got another present for the Peanut in the mail. It was really fun to come home to a package in the mail. Usually all we get are bills!

Saturday - Handy had a buy one get one coupon for McDonalds... I was going to get coffee until I saw all the signs for shamrock shakes. That green cup sure isn't full of coffee!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Life - Week 7

Sunday - We love these valentine candies. Around here they are single serving bags... It's a good thing they only make them once a year!

Monday - Bevo loves to cuddle. We try to get him to lay in the middle but he would rather lay on top of one of us.

Tuesday - Valentine's Day at red door!

Wednesday - I made cake mix cookies for the first time in months! They turned out really tasty. I couldn't remember why I hadn't made them in so long and then I remembered that I felt sick for most of the fall.

Thursday - Handy had Chinese for dinner because I was at conferences until 8:30. This was supposed to be his Valentine supper but he postponed it until Thursday since I wasn't going to be home.

Friday - The curtains are up in the Peanut's room. They look really good and the dots match with the ones on the wall. We like it... let's hope she does.

Saturday - How can something so small need so much stuff ?!?!? Now we have pretty much everything we need except for the baby!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project Life - Week 6

Sunday- In my opinion the best part of the Super Bowl this year wasn't the commercials or even the game... It was the cinnamon rolls that Miss Carol made. Oh my goodness.

Monday - I have been working on this blanket for a year and I'm getting a little tired of it. I'm ready to get it finished so I can start a easier, or perhaps just smaller project.

Tuesday - The prettiest plate of Valentine cookies showed up at red door today. They taste just as good as they look.

Wednesday - We got a few more things for the Peanut's room. After seeing the price of this lamp an comparing it to some others we couldn't pass it up. The bin was on clearance which made it pretty cheap too.

Thursday - Handy found theses cheez-its at the store. We tasted all the flavors and decided that colby jack was our favorite.

Friday - Punky actually ate a whole bowl of food at once! His eating habits have been random lately so this was reason to celebrate.

Saturday - We were feeling pretty crafty at red door. It was pretty cold and snowy so we decided to stay in and get some things done.

Project Life - Week 5

Sunday - We finally picked a name for our girly! I knew that I wanted to put the letters above her crib but we couldn't do that until we picked a name. After seeing how expensive the letters were I'm glad we didn't pick something long.

Monday - I always come home to baskets of laundry on Monday. I manage to get things washed, dried and folded on Sunday but run out of steam when it comes to putting it all away.

Tuesday - February heat wave! I traded my sweaters for a short sleeve shirt today. Let's hope it's not freezing in the spring since the winter has been so mild.

Wednesday - 1st pup strut of the year! It's usually April before we get to take the boy for a walk. He was super happy to get to go this early.

Thursday - When Bevo wants us to go upstairs he gets a toy and waits on the landing. Apparently he had been attempting to get us up there for awhile because when Handy went to go take a shower there was a pile of toys the boy had carried over. Of course he only carried the tire upstairs and we had to clean up the rest.

Friday - We got the Peanut her first racing t-shirt. Handy found these on the clearance rack and we couldn't pass them up. Now we have two 99 fans at our house. We will have to find some Kasey Kahne stuff for her too. Less than a month until Daytona!

Saturday - Dinner at Park Street. Handy got some Thai peanut butter wings... I may or may not have eaten more of them than he did.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Life - Week 4

Sunday - This chicken-y dog doesn't like to take baths. Unfortunately with his itchy skin the vet said he needs to have 2 baths a week. He will go into the bathroom but won't get into the tub by himself.

Monday - These should come with a warning label. We stopped at the store to get a few things we forgot on our weekly trip and picked them up. Of course we had to taste them when we got home and almost ate the whole bag... yikes!

Tuesday - Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Me and the pooch are the peanut butter eaters in our house. He wasn't quite sure why I was sitting on the floor with him holding a jar of peanut butter.

Wednesday - It seems the hunger strike is coming to an end. Bevo actually went out and at some food on his own. Handy ended up starting dinner half and hour late because he didn't want to disturb the dog while he was eating.

Thursday - Time for my weekly date with the receipts. I don't mind it unless the checkbook doesn't balance.

Friday - I got the photos for the first 3 weeks of Project Life printed and put into my album. I'm super excited to actually have a book of my photos when I'm done with the year.

Saturday - We finally made it to a basketball game this year. There wasn't much time to spare since the girls only have 5 more games before tournaments. They played pretty well and ended up winning 61-35.