Monday, December 2, 2013

PL 2013: Week 46

 Tuesday: Handy decided to cuddle with the Girly in her bed instead of in our bed. She really didn't like sharing. I didn't know the crib was rated for 200 lbs!

 Wednesday: Static electricity is not this girls friend. He hair is already crazy on its own and it gets even worse with all the fleece she wears.

Thursday: Hello 12 year old. Gracie is obsessed with the Giggle Gang app on my phone. She wants to play it all the time. I have no idea where she learned to lay on the floor like this when she plays with my phone. I'm pretty sure she's only 2 not 12.

 Friday: We went to visit baby Dani. Ella had a great time playing with her Buddy and giving Dani "moochies".

 Saturday: We went to see Gabby and Christian before Semi-Formal. Gracie even went with Gabby to get her hair done. She had never been to a salon before. She must have asked "doing?" about a thousand times.

 Sunday: Benefit dinner for Troy Yoho. Dada bought some cookies for the girls from the bake sale. They were yummy.

Monday: We put a ticket in the raffle at the benefit yesterday and the called to tell us we won the crock-pot prize. We put one ticket in 3 different baskets so we were really surprised we won!

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