Monday, December 30, 2013

PL 2013: Week 50

Tuesday: Another snow day = starting to wrap the mountain of gifts upstairs. I got everything we have here done. Now we just have to wait on the rest of the stuff to ship.

Wednesday: "Big Girl" likes eating at the table without her high chair tray. She thinks she's hot stuff.


Thursday: Time to get Christmas cards ready! I love getting cards in the mail. 

Friday: Handy's first egg nog of the season. He said it was pretty yummy.


Saturday: We haven't made Christmas cookies in 5 years. Handy decided Gracie needed some cutouts. They turned out really yummy. He used almond instead of vanilla and made them thick. So good!

Sunday: Miss Carol made this cupcake ornament for the Girly. It's so cute!


Monday: Gracie got a stocking full of candy from Casey. She was most excited about the play bracelet and necklace that were inside.

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