Monday, December 30, 2013

PL 2013: Week 51

Tuesday: This girl loves to cuddle her Bubby... at least when she isn't chasing him with her buzzy bee.

Wednesday: It took us a while to get these cookies frosted (a girl with a fever and a trip to the doctor kept us busy) but they are finally ready to eat.

Thursday: We have to get our wrapping done since we start giving presents on Saturday. Handy had a "helper" while he worked on these ones. 

Friday: Gracie colored a picture to take to Ann with the crayons she got her for Thanksgiving. She loves to color.

 Saturday: Sammy-pants! Little kids are making Christmas in Avon Lake a lot louder and a lot busier!


Sunday: Opening more presents at Nana's... She is wearing her "Me-house" shirt (which she has suddenly become obsessed with). 

Monday: I decided to keep all of our snow stuff in a basket all winter. It was too much of a pain to keep putting it away when I knew we would be getting it all back out again. Too bad we probably won't have a white Christmas.

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