Monday, December 2, 2013

PL 2013: Week 47

 Tuesday: Aunt Amber decided to visit on her way home. The Girly was excited to have someone the play with.

 Wednesday: This girl loves to get a bath! She always wants to play with the "duck ducks" and get "soapy soapy". She's good about taking showers too.

 Thursday: Someone loves ice cream! Especially when it's chocolate.

 Friday: More snow! We are supposed to get a pretty bad storm early next week. Maybe we will have a "white Thanksgiving"?


Saturday: We have conferences on Tuesday night so I decided to make cake mix cookies while the Girly was taking her nap. She was pretty excited when she woke up to a table full of cookies.

 Sunday: We got a new advent calendar from Church today. Handy hung it up on the mantle. At least we have one Christmas decoration up.

Monday: Gracie wants to be a "helper" when we feed Bubby. She does pretty well carrying the cup across the kitchen but isn't so great a pouring the food in the bowl. Good thing Bevo doesn't mind eating food off the floor.

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