Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PL 2013: Week 48

Tuesday: First winter storm of the year = First snow day of the year. The snow didn't keep Handy from wanting to go get the Chinese we had on the dinner menu.


Wednesday: Someone is obsessed with "boogies". She thinks she needs tissues all the time. She found this box in the downstairs bathroom.

Thursday: Thanksgiving sled riding with Paw Paw. She lasted about 5 minutes and one trip down the hill.

Friday: Gracie loves to play with cousin Garrott. He tolerates her pretty well until she gets too close. Then he cries. Which makes her want to get closer...

Saturday: Sled riding with Mama and Dada. We made it longer than 5 minutes today. She let us pull her in the sled laying on her tummy and went down the hill twice with each of us... She may have been saying "no, no, no" the whole time.


Sunday: Sewing with Miss Carol! I want to learn to sew so we decided to make some easy infinity scarves. The first one was not super successful but these two turned out great.


Monday: I felt like a Scrooge with no Christmas decorations up after seeing everyone's decorations on Facebook. All of our decorations are going to be higher than toddler level this year. I figured there was no way she could reach the light in the dining room so we could hang ornaments there.

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