Monday, March 25, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 12

Tuesday: Coopie turned 76! I've driven 76,000 miles in 7 years which includes 2 trips to Columbus and one to Hilton Head. Maybe Coopie will make it to 150,000 miles in 14 years???

 Wednesday: Our sweet Girly isn't feeling too well. She has been running a temp. since Monday night. It got up to 103 so we went to the doctor. He says there is an infection in there somewhere and gave her some medicine. Hopefully it helps.

  Thursday: Sharing some chips with da-da. Hopefully she doesn't like them as much as he does. We could never afford to support two chip and dip addictions.

Friday: I am so ready for Spring and so is my skin! I lotion my hands all the time and they still get so dry that they bleed. I am so tired of being itchy. Warmer weather hurry up quick!

 Saturday: Gracie got to play with her buddy Kenzie. Miss Carol hasn't had both of her babies together since the fall. She was in baby heaven.

 Sunday: I finally got a spring wreath for my door. It was time to take down the Christmas / Winter one for something new. Miss Carol helped me make this and I love the way it turned out.

 Monday: An unexpected (and really unwanted) spring snow storm caused school to close today. That meant extra time for the Girly and I to sit around in our pj's. Too bad this one put us over our limit and takes one day from spring break.

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