Saturday, April 13, 2013

Project Life: Week 13

 Tuesday: The Girly has loved these blocks since she got them for Christmas. She loves to dump them out and throw them around the living room. I'm surprised we haven't lost any yet.

Wednesday: Gracie loves to play with Padma. She has a shape app that sings songs.

 Thursday: Now that I know I don't have to feed the Girly much longer my supply has been crazy. I didn't think I would still be freezing milk in April. I will be kinda sad to use up all my freezer stash. It took so much work to get it!

Friday: Nap time on the sofa.

Saturday: We went to an egg hunt at Nanny and Paw Paw's church. Fun times with the cousins.

 Sunday: Gracie's 2nd Easter. Easter baskets were a hit this year. She was a little too small (like 3 days old) to enjoy them last year.

Monday: I started working on the favors for the Girly's 1st birthday day party. We have been buying things for a while but now that it's a week away we really have to get things ready!

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