Sunday, March 17, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 10

Tuesday: The Girl is 11 months old! Stats:19-ish lbs. Size 9 month clothes. Size 3 diaper. Size 3 shoe. 8 teeth (all in the front). Eating 3 sold meals / 4 bottles a day. She likes to have caramel rice cakes, chex, string cheese and fig newtons for snacks. Still taking 2 naps, sometimes sleeps through the night.

Favorites: food: anything she can feed herself, toys: stacking cups and activity walker, words: dada and uh-oh. Moved up from the carrier to the rear-facing "big girl"car seat. Went to the chiropractor to get her neck adjusted and hopefully clear up the ear infections she has had.


Wednesday: We picked up these tennis shoes at Target a few weeks ago. The girl loves them! She is pretty good about not taking them off and they give her better traction on the dining room floor.

Thursday: The fur on this boy tells us that spring is coming! He is shedding like crazy. There are tumbleweeds in his pup box and all over the floor. We are contemplating a new sweeper to keep up with all of the fluff.


 Friday: These pictures of the Girly were taken exactly 1 year apart. What a difference 365 days makes.

Saturday: Happy Birthday Miss Carol! Miss Carol shared her cake with the Girl and let have her own piece with frosting. She said the Peanut needed to practice for her birthday cake in less than a month.

Sunday: When we went to First Christian our Sunday lunch was always Taco Bell. We haven't been eating there a lot but I wanted to try the new cool ranch locos taco. It was pretty yummy.

Monday: We switched our television back to Dish. Pretty sad you have to switch satellite providers every 2 years to save money.

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