Sunday, March 3, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 8

Tuesday: Someone is on the move! The girly was walking behind her activity walker.  It has been almost exactly 2 months since she got out of the harness.


Wednesday: I'm glad that the Girl shows interest in doing dishes. That is my least favorite chore and will probably be one of the first she gets assigned to do for her allowance. Right now she loves to pull up on the dishwasher door and get the silverware out.

Thursday: Since more self-feeding has been going on Bevo has learned that the best place for him to hang out is near the girl's high chair. She tends to drop little snacks for him on a regular basis.

Friday: Neither of us were very hungry for pizza this week. We had too much red sauce earlier on in the week so we got chicken for dinner.  Handy was in heaven and the Girly liked the biscuit we let her eat.

 Saturday: Dinner out with Grandpa, Grandma and Great Grandma Fawver. We ordered a pancake for the Girl and they made it look like Mickey mouse. She ate part of it and shared the rest with dada. Mmmmmmm, breakfast for dinner!

 Sunday: Happy Daytona 500 Day! I'm ready to watch the big race with my two favorite race fans! Come on Carl! The Peanut was even sporting her number 99 onesie (it's size 3-6 months but still fits!)

Monday: Eggy loves to watch the Brady Bunch on tv. We have been turning it on while we get dinner ready and she loves to watch the beginning. I don't know if it's the song or the blue boxes but she stops what she is doing to watch.

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