Monday, March 11, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 9

Tuesday: Who needs toys when you have tupperware??? This drawer is the Girl's favorite thing to play with in the kitchen. She empties it multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times a day!)

 Wednesday: Starbucks for the Keurig... Always a treat.

Thursday: We had to add some cabinet locks to the kitchen cabinets. Someone likes to open and close doors. We put one on the television stand too. Thank goodness I can actually open these ones. The clip ones were too tough for my chicken wings. 

Friday: Someone was too tired to finish eating before their nap. Might as well nap at the table. I wonder if she was dreaming of puffs. 

Saturday: Hanging at the car show with my two favorite peeps.

Sunday: Since I take so many pictures of what we eat I decided to take a picture of what the Girly is eating. She liked the carrots and broccoli best.

 Monday: Late night trip to Canton for calling hours = late night snack of Tony Pako's Sweet and Hot pickles.

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