Monday, March 25, 2013

PL 2013 - Week 11

 Tuesday: Last year at this time I was wearing flip flops and trying to find some summer maternity clothes. This year it's snowing. I would like to exchange this spring for last spring.

Wednesday: Gracie Girl got an early birthday present in the mail. I think it's one of the cutest things I've seen in awhile. She likes to take the letters out and chew on them.

Thursday: Our big girl helped da-da take out the recycling. She pushed the bin almost all the way to the front door.

Friday: The Easter bunny came to visit the Girly a little early. A basket full of puffs and other toddler treats = one happy munchkin.

Saturday: We were doing some more 1st birthday shopping and met up with Nana and Pappy for lunch out a Five Guys. The Peanut doing awesome with her eating. She shared a hamburger with me and some fries with Da-da No more texture trouble for our Girl.

 Sunday: Someone thinks they are "helping" with the laundry.

Monday: Self feeding may seem like it would be less work for Mom and Dad however, less time spent feeding = more time spent cleaning up afterward.

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