Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life - Week 8

Sunday - I spent the majority of the afternoon writing thank you notes. I wanted to get them mailed out as quick as I could but the post office was closed on Monday. After I realized that I left some to finish the next day.

Monday - I am going to use the label from the new dog food we got for the Punky that he actually eats! Now we just have to hope his spots don't come back.

Tuesday - It's girl scout cookie time! I picked the thin mints and Handy wanted the do-si-dos. I knew better than to order more than one box of each... those things can get addicting.

Wednesday - Handy had to work late on Wednesday night. The pup spent most of the time watching out the window for him.

Thursday - Bevo wasn't the only one happy to have the Man home on Thursday.

Friday - We got another present for the Peanut in the mail. It was really fun to come home to a package in the mail. Usually all we get are bills!

Saturday - Handy had a buy one get one coupon for McDonalds... I was going to get coffee until I saw all the signs for shamrock shakes. That green cup sure isn't full of coffee!

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