Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Life - Week 4

Sunday - This chicken-y dog doesn't like to take baths. Unfortunately with his itchy skin the vet said he needs to have 2 baths a week. He will go into the bathroom but won't get into the tub by himself.

Monday - These should come with a warning label. We stopped at the store to get a few things we forgot on our weekly trip and picked them up. Of course we had to taste them when we got home and almost ate the whole bag... yikes!

Tuesday - Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Me and the pooch are the peanut butter eaters in our house. He wasn't quite sure why I was sitting on the floor with him holding a jar of peanut butter.

Wednesday - It seems the hunger strike is coming to an end. Bevo actually went out and at some food on his own. Handy ended up starting dinner half and hour late because he didn't want to disturb the dog while he was eating.

Thursday - Time for my weekly date with the receipts. I don't mind it unless the checkbook doesn't balance.

Friday - I got the photos for the first 3 weeks of Project Life printed and put into my album. I'm super excited to actually have a book of my photos when I'm done with the year.

Saturday - We finally made it to a basketball game this year. There wasn't much time to spare since the girls only have 5 more games before tournaments. They played pretty well and ended up winning 61-35.

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