Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Life - Week 7

Sunday - We love these valentine candies. Around here they are single serving bags... It's a good thing they only make them once a year!

Monday - Bevo loves to cuddle. We try to get him to lay in the middle but he would rather lay on top of one of us.

Tuesday - Valentine's Day at red door!

Wednesday - I made cake mix cookies for the first time in months! They turned out really tasty. I couldn't remember why I hadn't made them in so long and then I remembered that I felt sick for most of the fall.

Thursday - Handy had Chinese for dinner because I was at conferences until 8:30. This was supposed to be his Valentine supper but he postponed it until Thursday since I wasn't going to be home.

Friday - The curtains are up in the Peanut's room. They look really good and the dots match with the ones on the wall. We like it... let's hope she does.

Saturday - How can something so small need so much stuff ?!?!? Now we have pretty much everything we need except for the baby!

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