Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is Bevo's "squeaky"... We never bought him soft, squeaky toys for two reasons... 1) that squeak could get annoying, 2) after the way he chewed through the strongest nylabone they make we figure the soft plastic wouldn't stand a chance.

We didn't buy Bevo his squeaky... it appeared last Friday in the back yard. We're pretty sure the pooch is a strong believer in "finders keepers" since he hasn't left the darn squeaky out of his sight since he found it.

We're surprised how gentle he has been with this toy. There aren't any holes in it yet and perhaps we should have a back up squeaky... he may have separation issues.

Handy even tried burring his squeaky in the toy box under all the other toys... He dug it out and left the other toys lay on the ground.

I suppose we are lucky that he's easily entertained.

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