Sunday, July 3, 2011

365 - Week 26

365 days - 365 photos

Saturday - First funnel cake of the year! We walked over to the Sacred Heart festival for some food. Handy got loaded perogies and I got a funnel cake.

Sunday - Our new garden decorations look fantastic in the yard. I like how the dragonfly has a rain gauge.

Monday - We went to visit the piggies after dinner Monday night.

Tuesday - It must be hard to be a pup. It's easier to get a picture of this dog with his eyes closed than open.

Wednesday - Our flat family... I think the Bevo is my favorite.

Thursday - Handy loves popsicles. We have 3 kinds in the freezer since the store had them on sale for a dollar.

Friday - After riding in the car for too long we had a good time walking through the Opryland Hotel. It was huge, looked like a garden and had air-conditioning.

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