Thursday, July 14, 2011


We drove to Lynchburg while in Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniel's distillery. We could smell the whiskey the minute we got out of the car.

It was actually way more interesting than I thought it would be. We got there early but still had to wait for our tour to begin. They have exhibits inside the visitors center that explain the basics about their whiskey making process and that talk about Jack Daniel.

The first stop on the tour was the natural spring that they use for the whiskey. It was probably 20 degrees cooler back by the spring than out in the sun.

Our guide told us that all of the trees on the property have black bark because of a reaction between the whiskey and the tree bark. He said that during prohibition they would look for stills in the woods by checking for trees with black bark.

Of course you aren't allowed to take any pictures inside the buildings... trade secrets.

We officially know more about Tennessee sour mash whiskey than we ever thought we would.

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