Saturday, July 30, 2011

365 - Week 29

365 days = 365 pictures

Saturday - I started buying school supplies... yikes! I need these bins since I won't have a closet but rather shelves to put all my stuff in.

Sunday - Handy found a freezer for us on craigslist. We had been looking for one since Christmas and finally found one that was upright and would fit down our stairs.

Monday - Bevo got a present all the way from Seattle... Nanny said that they only bought things for the "kids".

Tuesday - Swimming @ Tall Timbers.

Wednesday - Not wearing sun screen while swimming = using a lot of this lotion the next day.

Thursday - I think we should start vacuuming the dog... or maybe teach him how to use the sweeper and clean up after himself.

Friday - New windshield for Tiny... this chip was in what the glass people called "the acute area" so they couldn't seal it.

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