Saturday, July 16, 2011

365 - Week 27

365 days = 365 photos

Saturday - Lunch at Chic-fil-a wearing our matching pickers t-shirts.

Sunday - Handy was being a bar-b-que pitmaster on Sunday. The ribs turned out pretty good and were yummy... I don't even like ribs but I ate them.

Monday - Q: What do you do when you have to ride the Bullet home in the rain? A: Borrow a painting suit from work.... I never knew they made onesies that big!

Tuesday - I have been trying to get some more of my blanket knitted this week. It's getting bigger which is good and bad... now I have to hold a blanket on my lap while I work on it. 90 degrees + a blanket on your lap = sweating.

Wednesday - This was so good it gets 2 pictures... It seems the kid at Wendy's thought I was looking particularly old on Wednesday... Check out that receipt. Senior Discount?!?!?

Thursday - The sunflowers have really taken off this week. We have tons of flowers and they look great. The only problem is that they seem to attract a lot of flies...

Friday - Flies that were getting in the house every time we opened the back door to let Bevo out. Our old screen door broke last Friday and Handy had been so busy that he didn't have time to get the new one up for a week. You see a door... I see no more flies in my living room!

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