Saturday, September 28, 2013

PL 2013: Week 38

Tuesday: Mama's not the only girl that likes Project Life. Gracie likes to find the pictures of "baby" and "uff-uff" (translation: herself and Bevo).

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner! Denver quesadillas and pecan sticky rolls. Yum!

Thursday: The Girly's peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into the shape of a fall leaf... Pinterest made me do it.

Friday: On nights when Gracie wants to ride on her bicycle for our strut she gets to wear her helmet. She thinks she's a big shot on her trike.  We think she's pretty cute.

Saturday: A trip to the orchard = pumpkin photos! She had just been put into her harness the week before we went to the orchard last year. This year she's running around like a crazy woman.

Sunday: Time to get sauced! I was super excited to use the peeler/corer we got at a garage sale last spring. It made making applesauce so much easier. We did half a bushel in a little over an hour.

Monday: Ow was getting a little dirty so we decided he needed to take a bath. Of course the Girly has to have a kitty to cuddle so we got out our backup "ow". The orange one is named Tootsie after Miss Carol's orange ow.

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