Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PL 2013: Week 36

 Tuesday: After school play time! Current favorite toys: rubber bands (she thinks they are bracelets), purse, play sweeper, tricycle and books.

Wednesday: Popsicles on the porch after supper. Gracie calls them "pop-ik-cles"

 Thursday: Hollywood family on a strut! We have been trying to keep Bubby happy by going on a daily strut. The Girly has started to really like going in her stroller. She says "out-kide" and "strol-r" when she wants to go.

Friday: The Girl is 17 months old!

Stats: 21-ish lbs, size 18 month clothes (she still wears 12 month pants), size 4 shoes (not for much longer), size 3 diaper

Favorites: noodles, grapes, "cupcake" (anything sweet), playing outside, going for walks, Elmo and Abby, seeing the neighborhood "ows", picking her own snack, brushing her teeth, playing hide and seek (we hide and jump out when she comes in the room), putting her clothes in the hamper, says: outside, stroller, snack, cup, more, up, down, again, cupcake, hamper, Lari... pretty much anything we ask her to repeat.

 Saturday: We went to watch Zach play soccer. He got to be captain since his birthday was on Sunday.

 Sunday: It's GD Picnic time! These babies have grown so much over the last year. I still can't believe we got 4 kids 18 months and younger to sit still for a picture.

Monday: Chimichangas with avocado salsa. Olé! Handy made the chimichangas and I made the salsa. Even Gracie ate almost a whole chimichanga.

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