Sunday, September 8, 2013

PL 2013: Week 35

 Tuesday: Our neighbor decided to share some of the tomatoes from his garden with us. We ended up using them in some pasta but the Girly wanted them as soon as we got them.

 Wednesday: No nap = sleeping in your supper.

 Thursday: Gracie decided she wanted to switch headbands with me. I got the one with green pom poms and she took my under armour one.

 Friday: We tried some pig tails to keep the Girly's hair out of her eyes. She wasn't too cooperative when we put them in and pulled them out as soon as we got done. We will have to try again later.

Saturday: Fun at the Fair! Gracie liked the goats, chickens and bunnies. She didn't like the cows or pigs. 

 Sunday: Labor Day weekend = last visit to the lake!

 Monday: Shadow family photo (minus Bevo) at the playground.

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