Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life: Week 42

Sunday: The Girly loves her da-da. She will tell you if you ask her too. She has stopped talking about bu-ba and started talking about da-da all the time. 

Monday: We lit a candle for Camden's sister Addilee and all the other little babies that died in the last year.

Tuesday: This is real life. An impromptu trip to First Care for my back made for a busy evening. We came home, ate dinner, Handy picked up my script at the pharmacy, came home and we went to bed!

Wednesday: Let's hope she is always this happy to do laundry.

Thursday: Handy and I celebrated our 4th anniversary with donuts and flowers.

Friday: A stuffy nose for the Girly = some medicine and spending the day in her jammies.

Friday: We got a coat for the Girly last June for $9.00 at Babies-r-us but she didn't have a hat. Problem solved! This hat is the cutest thing and it even came with matching mittens. Somebody's ready for the snow.

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