Monday, October 8, 2012

Project Life: Week 39

Blogging by Handy Man:

 Sunday:    Looks like I stirred a little to hard while making granola bars.

 Monday:   Thanks to Charlie for bringing in eggplants we got to have fresh eggplant parm.

Tuesday:   Took the Girly to Akron for her appointment and now she has to wear this harness for three to four months. She has gotten use to it now at first she hated it.

(We were up constantly the first two nights... like ever hour and a half. Thank goodness that didn't last too long)

Wednesday:   Ella loves her brother but we have to make sure she doesn't hurt him.

Thursday:    Thanks to all our lovely family we don't need to buy the girl clothes.

Friday:     Looks like the Girly loves to snack on her bib while waiting for her cereal.

Saturday:    The Lady got the Peanut a bean bag but it looks like more of the filling got on the floor then in the bag. Well at least Bubby didn't get to them.

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