Saturday, October 13, 2012

Project Life: Week 40

Sunday: We took the Girly to visit Miss Heather. We hadn't seen them in ages and it was nice to get to have lunch. We laughed that between the two of them (the Girly's hips and Miss Heather's wrists) we could get one good person.

Monday: Dinner was the best grilled cheese ever! Swiss and bacon with avocado on french bread. Yum!

Tuesday: This is what happens when the Lady tries to pack the pump bag at 5 in the morning. No lids = saran wrap from the cafeteria and rubber bands to the rescue. The funniest part was putting the bottles in the cup holders of the car so they wouldn't spill on the way home.

Wednesday: It's fall! I love putting this wreath on the door every year. Too bad the day I hung it up it was over 70 degrees.

Thursday: I finally got around to sending Mount Union the Girly's birth announcement not to long ago and they sent us this awesome welcome pack. I'm pretty sure the certificate of preliminary admission is my favorite part.

Friday: The Girl is 6 months old!

Stats: 15.5 lbs, 26 inches long. Size 3-6 and 6 month clothes. Size 2 diaper. The harness has set her back a little bit with her scooting but she is sitting up like a champ. She loves her cereal and has been using a sippy cup to drink water. She loves any toy with a tag and to read (more like chew on) books. She talks all the time (it sounds like ba-ba-ba-ba) and blow raspberries. She will smile at anybody if you ask her to "ham it up". She has been waking up two times at night (usually once around 1:30 and then again at 4) and she has two teeth. 

We had a visit today to get her harness adjusted. They said everything looks good and we go back Oct. 23 for a second ultrasound to check the positioning of her left hip and the range of motion.

Saturday: We went to the orchard to get apples and some cider. They had a bunch of pumpkins in front of the store so of course I had to put the Girl in them for a picture. She was more interested in eating the straw they were sitting in than smiling for a picture.

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