Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Life: Week 41

Sunday: The Girl likes to be up high. This is the highest place in the house!

Monday: We finally got a new comforter set. The one we were using was almost 5 years old. It had faded terribly on the Handyman's side and had a hole in it. I like how this one came with toss pillows. It has euro shams too but we don't have the right size pillows for them yet.

Tuesday: State Report Cards came out today and our school was rated EXCELLENT! We got cookies as a reward for all out hard work. Yay Rockets!

Wednesday: 6-month well baby check for the Girly. We were at the doctor's office from 4:25 until 6:45. She got a book, a sticker and 4 shots. We got Wendy's for dinner.

 Thursday: The Peanut likes to ride on Handy's knee when he bounces her. She has even fallen asleep while bouncing. I usually sing "Sally the Camel" while we bounce.

Friday: Last week I went shopping for some new brown shoes. I found a pair that I wanted but they were $95. Thank goodness I didn't buy them. I found these new ones in my closet while looking for a sweater. I had completely forgotten that I bought them! So now I have new brown shoes.

Saturday: Time to make baby food! We made sweet potatoes and apples. I think it was kinda fitting that Handy was wearing his Texas hoody while making baby food that was Texas orange.

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