Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project Life: Week 43

Sunday: Handy is getting really good at making homemade granola bars. My favorites are the almond - cranberry ones.

Monday: This is what you do when you're a mom. I didn't get to pump before I left work because we were on a special schedule and I had to go straight to the chiropractor from school. Thank goodness my pump has a car charger!

Tuesday: We decided to save a little money and take the Girly's 6 month pictures ourselves. They turned out pretty cute. I'm glad it was warm enough to go outside. Natural light is always better than the flash.

Wednesday: Somebody learned how to play patty-cake. If the sing the song to her she will put her hands together, shake them and smile.

Thursday: Gram has been hanging out with the Girly all week since the sitter went on vacation. I don't know who had more fun.

Friday: Pumpkin carving time! Handy used a power tool to carve his pumpkin and the one we got for the Girly. I just used the little saw that came with the carving kit. We had a silly face, a G and baby hands and feet pumpkins to decorate our front steps.

Saturday: Time to clean out the girl's closet. This is all newborn, 0-3 an3d 3 month stuff. Her closet is still full!

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