Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Life: Week 37 and 38

Sunday: We went to the DG family reunion. There were 4 babies there all under 6 months old. Paw Paw thought the Girly needed to taste some sweet tea. I'm pretty sure more of it was spilled down her front than went in her mouth.


Monday: Both of our kids love to strut. We have been trying to take Bubby for more walks before the weather gets too cold.

Tuesday: The girly finally found out that if she pushed the buttons on her exersaucer it would play music. We can also set it to say the colors or make animal sounds.

Wednesday: Handy gave the girl his empty V8 bottle. She probably thought her supper had been super sized. 

Thursday: Homemade Chinese food for dinner. Handy was happy! The crab rangoon were really yummy but the General Tso sauce wasn't that great. 

Friday: We needed to go to Sam's Club in the worst way. It had been months since we were there. We stocked up on some things and had to get this piggy sleeper for the Girl.

Saturday: Rocket rah, Rocket rah, Rah rah Rockets! Mimi went to the football game with us... thank goodness. We made it through the Homecoming court and first quarter before the girl got fussy and we got really hot. We stood by the fence for the second quarter and headed home at the half. 

Sunday: Miss Carol made some tutus for the Girly. They make her look even cuter than normal... If that's even possible.

Monday: Handy found the recipe for homemade Chic-fil-a. I ate most of it before I remembered that I wanted to take a picture. We baked the nuggets instead of baking them but they were still super tasty.

Tuesday: Buddies! Bevo is always interested in what his sister is doing. I think he likes it when she goes to be though because then he gets quality time with his people.

Wednesday: The Girly got a package in the mail. I can't wait until she is big enough to wear this cute outfit from the Columbus Couple. Those socks are just too cute!

 Thursday: We had a surprise visit from Gram. The Girl was happy to see her so they had to get their picture taken.

Friday: Now that the Peanut has baby biters we get to brush her teeth. She needed her own toothbrush and toothpaste. We got a longer handled brush too. It's supposed to make it easier to get in her tiny mouth... we will see.  

Saturday: Two football games in two weeks! We went to see our favorite cheerleader. It was chilly but the girl was a hit in her bear jacket. She was super bundled up and toasty. 

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